Ten Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion in the World

Ten Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion in the World

The city with the worst traffic in the world has a congestion level of 65% and the city (Greensboro-High Point) with the least traffic congestion has a level of 9%. The world health index report presents statistics and information about the congestion level in 403 cities across 56 countries. Though this isn’t one of those issues that gets a lot of attention, it’s something we should be worried about now, rather than getting used to it. Traffic congestion has increased globally and rapidly in cities over the last few years with some new places entering this list…

1. Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and it’s also the most congested city in the world. One can expect to spend 65% extra travel time stuck in Mumbai’s traffic. There are several reasons that could cause such conditions including lack of road space and car density, low adherence to traffic rules and high population and simultaneous infrastructure projects. Mumbai has a population of 1.84 crores.

2. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is the second-worst city by traffic congestion. With 63% congestion, the situation in Bogota has gotten only worse from the previous year. According to the study, the people of the city spent almost two working weeks annually to trying to get home from their workplace and vice versa. Bogota has a population of 71.8 lakhs.

3. Lima, Peru

With a congestion level of 58 per cent, Lima is the third city on the list. Peru’s capital, Lima is one of the largest South American cities. And the congestion level of the city is rising every year. On its worst days, the congestion level can reach up to 83%. Lima has a population of 10 million and there is also a high rate of fatalities and chaotic and confusing transportation network.

4. New Delhi, India

Another Indian city which is also its capital, New Delhi suffers from a congestion level of 58%. Delhi has a population of 2.18 crores and on its worst day, the congestion level can reach up to 83%. During peak hours the situation can get even worse, between 73% to 95%. Delhi also suffers from poorly constructed road and pollution.

Ten Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion in the World

5. Moscow region (oblast), Russia

The people who live in Moscow, Russia’s capital, spent 56% extra of their travel time stuck in traffic. Moscow has a population of 1.19 crores and on its worst time, the city would have a congestion level of 125%. In the peak time in the evening, it can reach up to 102%.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Holding the title of being the second most congested city in Europe, Istanbul has improved congestion levels 6%. The city straddling the continents of Europe and Asia has a congestion level of 53 per cent.

7. Jakarta, Indonesia

Improving 8% from last year, Jakarta has a congestion level of 53%. The city has a population of 96.1 lakhs. In the worst days, Jakarta can experience a congestion level of 95%.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Know for its vibrant street life and bright shrines, Thailand’s capital Bangkok has the eighth-worst congestion level. The city has a congestion level of 53%. Although it has decreased by 2% from last year, still the situation is pretty bad and the congestion can reach up to 98%.

Ten Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion in the World

9. Mexico City, Mexico

With a population of 88.5 lakhs and a congestion level of 52%, Mexico’s capital, Mexico City is on number nine. Sprawled-out nature and poor infrastructure contribute to the city’s traffic situation. It has also impacted Mexico’s Economic growth, but the percentage hasn’t fallen or risen since 2017.

10. Recife, Brazil

Known for its many rivers, bridges, islets and peninsulas, Recife is on number ten on the list. The city experiences a congestion level of 49%, and the percentage has only increased since the last year. In peak hours, you can spend an extra 87% of your time stuck in traffic in the city.

Other than these cities, the top 10 cities with the least congestion level are Greensboro-High Point (9%), Cadiz (9%), Akron (10%), Syracuse (10%), Little Rock (10%), Dayton (10%), Winston-Salem (10%), Abu Dhabi (11%), Richmond (11%) and Almere (12%).

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