Ten Things To-Do When You Are Bored At Home

Ten Things To-Do When You Are Bored At Home

Whether you’re at home because you lack money, because someone cancelled on you, or even because you cancelled plans with other people, it doesn’t need to be a mind-numbing experience.

You can do many things right here, right now, without having to go anywhere at all. If you’ll believe the hype, this is actually becoming more and more common – Millennials are opting to stay at home because they don’t fancy going out. So, what kind of stuff can you do instead? Let’s find out.

1. Host A Dinner Party

Nobody said you need to stay home just because you’re antisocial. What’s the point in five of you going out and spending over £100 on a high street meal that’s nothing too special when you could have just as much fun (and better food) at home? You can manage this for a fraction of the cost, and it’s a no-brainer, really. Bonus points if someone in your group’s a chef!

2. Place Some Bets

Wanna know how we ‘bet’ you’ll have more fun than sitting, twiddling your thumbs? By placing a few bets every now and again. Nowadays, it’s super easy to do alongside the sport you might already be watching, so you don’t have to pop down to the betting shop to do it.

Better still? Gambling companies are falling over one another to provide the best possible value, and many bets can be placed with no deposit.

Get Fit At Home

3. Get Fit At Home

You know what? You don’t actually need that £50 a month gym membership, not if you’re truly honest with yourself. If you go all the time, that’s great, but if you about make it twice a month, and half of that time is spent in the coffee shop upstairs, maybe have a rethink. These days there are a handful of brilliant self-fitness apps to try out; you can do fitness DVDs from home or even train with weights of your own. A paperweight or can of soup will work just as well as any overpriced dumbbell!

4. Throw A BBQ

This is basically the dinner party’s al fresco cousin, but if you’ve got an actual garden, there’s so much potential here. Paddling pool? Um, yes. You’re literally never too old to have some fun outside on a hot day, but you’ll probably want to wait until summer rolls around again for this one (unless you’re really fancy and have a hot tub). Alternatively, getting your hands on an outdoor heater system is a good shout.

Learn To Bake

5. Learn To Bake

Baking is almost like a science, as well as an art. Sure, it’s all got to look good, but the balance of the ingredients has to be absolutely spot on, too. Get it wrong, and it’s like messing up a chemistry experiment. You’re not quite sure what will happen exactly, but you’ll be lucky if it’s just a bad taste! It’s worth absorbing some baking tips if you’re a beginner, too, and since baking became the in-thing, there are plenty of these online.

6. Learn A Language

Do you know what you can do (almost) as well as that stuck-up girl in your Spanish class who became fluent because of her “gap yah” in Peru? You’ve guessed it – you can learn Spanish from home. Okay, so it won’t be as useful as an immersion course in a country where your chosen language is spoken, but some amazing apps will help you do the trick.

7. Work From Home

Some people are actually able to work from home – why not you? You can do many jobs, whether you want to supplement your income or make it entirely from your bedroom. There are obviously several advantages to this, including no long commutes and being able to earn cash in your pyjamas!

Actually, Catch Up With People

8. Actually, Catch Up With People

Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you actually called your nan? Or even your mum? If you’ve got an hour or two to spare, you might actually find that you enjoy speaking to your family. At the very least, at least message back the people you’ve left on ‘read’.

9. Have A Movie Marathon

Or a no-holds-barred Netflix binge, as is now more often the case. You’ll find there are plenty of things to keep you entertained across the web, whether you prefer to download or stream. This means there is no messing about with rental shops, and no paying half your monthly pay at the cinema.

10. Get Creative

Who said creativity is just for kids or people who’ve made art their livelihood? You’d be surprised how many of us have the unknown inner creativity that’s dying to break out. Whether you fancy yourself a poet or a painter, or you’re just thinking of grabbing a colouring book, you can start at any age.

Who said staying at home ever needs to be unproductive? It looks like loads of fun to us!

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