Ten of the Most Terrifying and Scariest Places on Earth

There are places on earth today that can inject fear and bring out cowardliness even in the bravest of men, sending goose pimples all over your skin at the sight of them. Surrounded by lots of scary legends, some say lots of deadly murders, suicides and other creepy things have taken place in these places at one time or other but one thing is certain; these places will scare the hell out of you. Some of these places became scary as a result of our human actions while others have always been like that right from the word go, here’s a list of ten of the scariest and most terrifying places on planet Earth…



The catacomb of Paris is an underground cemetery located in the beautiful and romantic city of Paris in France, unveiled during the later part of the 18th century, the catacomb became a centre of tourism and is regarded as one of the Most Horrific and scariest places on earth. Years back, in the quest to make available enough space for the increasing population, the remains of the deceased were discriminately dumped along the walls of the catacomb subways. The ossuary holds the remains of about six million people today. The catacomb of Paris has been such a controversial topic amongst tourists and their guides, they claim to have had lots of weird horrific encounters walking along the subways inside the catacomb feeling of unseen hands touching and grabbing them, including other odd and scary feelings. However, this might be the way the dead decided to show their grievances for being maltreated.



In the city of Edinburgh in Scotland is located a castle known as Edinburgh Castle which is reputed to be among the Most Terrifying and scariest places on earth, Edinburgh itself has been called the most haunted city in all of Europe. On numerous occasions, there have been reports of a lone piper, a drummer without a head and some spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years’ War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War, there have also been reports of even the ghost of a dog that appear to be restless and disturbing. Inside the castle is located some hidden tunnels built years ago. Also, more scary is the sound of the drum beat heard inside the castle, but only a few people have actually seen the drummer, the reason is because the ghost drummer shows up only when the castle is under attack. The first time the ghost was seen was before the Crownwell’s attack on the castle in 1650. Ghosts of prisoners incarcerated in the castle’s dungeons has also been reportedly seen in the dungeons. Some of the reported experiences by people that have visited the castle before includes seeing shadowy figures, sudden drops in temperature, a feeling of being watched, the feeling of something tugging at clothes, an unseen presence touching the face and a burning sensation on the arm.



The Stull is a small and insignificant town located in Kansas outside Lawrence with a very small population of about 20 people, but lots of creepy and scary things happen in there. Inside the town is located a cemetery known as the “Stull Cemetery”.

It is believed by the elders in Stull Kansas is that the cemetery is one of the supposed 7 gateways to hell. Also, one of the legends surrounding this small town is that the unholy son of satan died and was buried in Stull, hence during Halloween and Spring Equinox, the Devil visits his son’s tomb at midnight. Furthermore, amongst the controversies surrounding the town is the church in the cemetery which was burnt because some believe that the church has a gateway that leads to hell, hence in the quest to seal the gateway, the church was burnt. Amongst the mysteries surrounding this town is that of a pine tree where witches were buried years ago, modern covens visit the Stull Cemetery in respect of those witches, this continued up till 1998 when the tree was eventually cut down.



The Bhangarh is a town and a tourist centre located in India, very rich in historical events, also one of the scariest and most terrifying places on earth. The legends surrounding this town and the castle itself has given the town a place in the list of most horrifying and scariest places on earth.

One version of the story is that when the king of Bhangarh wanted to build the town, he had to take permission from a certain Guru who often uses the place for meditation. The Guru agreed but gave him a condition that the shadow of the palace must not touch him. Though the king followed the instruction, one of his descendants faulted leading to the destruction of the whole town just as the Guru prophesied.

The second version has to do with the princess of Bhargarh, she was very pretty and attracted lots of suitors, little did she know that a certain wicked sorcerer in the town had an eye for her and decided to use black magic on her. His plot failed which led to his death, but before dying he cursed all the inhabitants of the castle to death. The aftermath is that the ghost of all those that died in the castle still dwell there, for this reason, tourists are not allowed entry or to spend the night in there.



Borley is a small town close to Sudbury in the UK, though the city itself does not have any evil reputation, inside it is located the Borley Rectory which has an evil reputation. The Rectory was built in a place the Borley Monastery once stood. Not only did the Rectory take over the land, it also took over all the evil associated with the monastery. Workers in the rectory and the rector’s daughters had encountered nun ghosts loitering around the rectory, the story has it that a certain nun had fallen in love with a monk in the monastery, and in in attempt to elope, they were caught, the monk was executed and the nun was imprisoned, she eventually later died. Each time the ghost appears, its always in a mournful mood.



The Riddle House first served as a funeral parlour but was later transformed into a private house owned by an individual known as Karl Riddle. Right from when the house was a funeral parlour till when it became a private house, it has always been surrounded by tragedy. The first story was that of a cemetery worker known as Bulk who died after having a conflict with a community member, the other story is about another employee that committed suicide due to hardship. After these deaths, rumour has it that their ghosts were sighted loitering in the cemetery and in the house even after many years of acquiring the house by an individual for private use, the house was never seized to be hunted by ghosts, and strange things kept happening. As scary as the Riddle House is, it still remained a place of adventure.



The Aokigahara is a forest in Japan also known as the “Trees of the sea” its a highly denser forest area with lots of trees, it’s also as quiet as a graveyard. A high rate of suicide missions has been recorded inside the forest, hence the name “suicide forest”. A number of people have been spotted entering the forest but never came out. The forest is also so wide that the bodies of most victims were not discovered until after a very long time after they have decayed leaving the forest littered with human skulls and bones. There are signs placed on trees to discourage people from entering the forest, Aokigahara is one of the most terrifying and scariest places on earth today.



Built in the early eighteenth century (1704) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the inn was formerly known as the wayside inn and was used as a restaurant before the war of revolution. But in 1793 the name was changed in respect to General Anthony Wayne who had lived there in 1996, Guy Sileo killed James Webb a year after they both bought over the inn. In 1997 precisely on February 22, Felicia Moyse the only witness to the murder of James Webb committed suicide, though no one could tell the reason behind this, it was believed that she couldn’t live with the fact that she acted as a witness to the crime committed by her boss.



Located in Montego Bay in Jamaica, The Rose Hall Jamaica has gained a second place on our list of top 10 scariest places on earth. According to the legend, the spirit of “Annie Palmer” haunts the grounds of Rose Hall Plantation near Montego Bay. The story has it that:

“Annie Palmer was born in France, but moved to Haiti with her parents at the age of 10, her parents died and she was left at the care of her nanny who was practising witchcraft and voodoo. While growing up at the care of the nanny, she tutored her on this act until she became an expert. At the age of 18, her nanny died and she left the city of Haiti to Jamaica in search of a rich husband. Annie was such a beautiful woman, hence it was not long before she caught the attention of a very rich and influential man in Jamaica known as John Palmer, the owner of the Rose Hall including lots of sugar plantations, with line up of slaves working under him. Later on they got married, but it was not long that Annie got fed up with her husband and started sleeping with the slaves. On one occasion, her husband caught her in the act and beat her mercilessly, she became angry and poisoned her husband’s tea which led to his death. Now the whole estate is left at the mercy of Annie and she ruled like a dictator, her voodoo practice earned her the name “white witch”. She took some of the slaves as her lovers, sleeping with them, she went further to kill them once she got fed up with any of them. After the death of her husband, she had gotten married to other two men killing each of them successively and inheriting their properties thereafter. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she started lusting after the fiancee of the granddaughter of one of her head servants known as Robert Rutherford who was also practising voodoo but had to conceal it from his mistress in order to save his dear life. When Annie couldn’t have the young man he so desired, she cursed his fiancee with a strange sickness which led to her death. The grandfather to the lady was not happy, so together with other slaves, they planned and killed Annie, but during the burial, they failed to carry out the normal ritual that a voodoo princess deserves, hence, Annie’s ghost in addition with the ghost of all those she murdered still hunt Rose Hall till date”.



The Skirred inn is an archaic house. Located in Llanvihangel Crucorney in the UK and named after a mountain close to the inn. Story has it that it was formerly used as a courtroom where punishment was meted out to people that committed diverse offences. Outside the courtroom is an oak tree where convicted felons were hanged by Judge Jeffery also known as “the hanging judge”

Legend has it that lots of scary things has happened in the inn. Weird occurrences such as glasses scattering all around the room with no one touching them, the ghost of Judge Jeffery seen loitering around, people having a strange feeling of been stalled and sudden feeling of dizziness occurring in the room are some of the things that have been reported by those that has visited the place.

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