Ten of The Very Best Water Parks in the World

While on holidays people always like to visit an entertaining place and while theme parks will always be the top most visited parks water parks are also worth a visit. Water parks are the type of place the kids can have a laugh and adults can relax. So without further delay here are what I think are ten of the best waterparks you can visit…

Sunway Lagoon

10. Sunway Lagoon (Malaysia)

You will find numerous unique water rides that exist in three specific areas. They’re Waters of Africa, Wild West and Realm of Adventure.

Chimelong Water Park

9. Chimelong Water Park (Guangzhou, China)

This park includes a superb ride known as the Behemoth Bowl. You will find other spectacular water rides too within this park.

Wet n’ Wild

8. Wet n’ Wild (Orlando, Florida)

Within this park, you may enjoy many thrill rides aside from other exciting water rides. The Mind Clean is an extremely famous ride here.

World Water Park

7. World Water Park (Canada)

This place is situated in Canada. The park has lots of 35mm slides and rides for example Tropical Storm, Sky Screamer and others. The rides from the park will also be very thrilling.

Schlitterbahn Water Park

6. Schlitterbahn Water Park (New Braunfels, Texas)

This park is situated in Taxes. Now it is among the best holiday place for that Taxes people. It’s now among the best tourist place in Taxes.

Noah’s Ark Water Park

5. Noah’s Ark Water Park (Lake Delton, Wisconsin)

The park stretches to in excess of 70 acres and includes two wave pools, children’s play areas, a lagoon pool and 2 rivers. The notable slide it the one called “time Warp”, which drops to in excess of 70 ft.

Las Cascada Water Park

4. Las Cascada Water Park (Puerto Rico)

This is actually the greatest park within the Caribbean that was built-in 1985. The park has lots of items to offer whether it’s speed rides or places of relaxation.

Sandcastle Water Park

3. Sandcastle Water Park (Blackpool, England)

This park is found in the United kingdom. This water park has numerous points of interest appropriate for a lot of age ranges. The Actual blaster water coaster may be the greatest water coaster on the planet.

Wet n’ Wild Water World

2. Wet n’ Wild Water World (Australia)

This is incorporated in the second devote our Top Ten List. This water park is situated around Australia. You will find many new additions which have been included in this park recently. The Tornado is definitely an exciting ride and there’s even the Black hole.

Water Country

1. Water Country (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

In the Top Ten Listing of water parks on the planet, we keep water country within the first place. This exciting water park in Virginia could make you recall the Beach Boys. You will find several modern features within this popular park varying from exciting flume rides to white water rafting adventures which could help you stay relaxed at Water Country.

Have you been to any of these waterparks? Would you recommend another waterpark? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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