Ten Amazing Things You Get Only When You Fly First Class

Ten Amazing Things You Get Only When You Fly First Class
“There are two classes of travel. First-class, and with children,” Robert Benchley said and he was nearly right because nothing beats the experience of flying first class in any airline. On average, you pay over 200% more on domestic flights and 400% more on most international flights when you fly first class. That extra money has to be justified because you are still going to be flying in the same metal tube as the people in coach. Emirates recently included virtual windows in their middle couches in first-class so that all first-class flyers can enjoy a view of the sky. In Lufthansa, you will enjoy a healthy serving of caviar on your flight. Now, these ten amazing things might explain the high price tag but there are many more things only first-class flyers get to experience.

You Get To Use Actual Silverware

The ban on the use of silverware in aeroplanes was lifted way back in the early 2000s but many airlines restrict the use of actual silverware to their gold-ticket customers only. That means you have to be flying first class for you to enjoy an actual great meal on ceramic and glass plates. Singapore Airlines will even ser your food of cookware designed by Wedgwood with the glass pots and crystal glasses and dishes to keep your food warm. It becomes even better when your lobster is prepared by an onboard chef as done by many airlines including Air France. That is a little unfair to coach flyers who have to struggle with fused forks and spoons with everything served on plastic trays.

You could Have Your Own Suite

Leg space is something that coach passengers have been fighting for since commercial flights became common. Travelling first class is the only way you don’t get to struggle for some room to stretch out. When travelling with Fly Emirates, Etihad and Turkish, you don’t even have to worry about your neighbour because you will have your own suite to fly in. Etihad took it a step further and introduced a residence suite where you have your living room with a leather sofa and two dining tables as well as a 32-inch TV, A bedroom on the side and your private shower; You heard it right! All that while everyone in coach struggles to keep their legs straight.


This is the one thing everyone travelling in coach and business class really prays for when travelling on those eight-to-twelve-hour flights. In first-class, you have your private showers where you can freshen up and step off the plane as if you never left your house while everyone else is tired and gritty.

Chairs With A Built-in Massager

Those popping sounds everyone from coach has when stretching after a flight are one thing you cannot miss. Everyone looks as if they have been released from a metal cage or like they have been travelling in a box-like Tyrion Lannister travelling from Westeros to Pentos. In first-class, you get your little deep tissue right there in your chair which has a built-in massager. You can just recline your chair and lie back for a deep tissue.

Ten Amazing Things You Get Only When You Fly First Class

A Drive To And From The Airport

After booking your first-class flight, and even business class with some generous airlines, you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport on time. At your agreed time, the airline will send a chauffeur to pick you up from your house to the airport. On arrival, you will also have a chauffeur waiting to drive you to the address of your choice.

Your Personal Butler

Etihad Airways began this one but Emirates, Turkish and other airlines recently picked up on it as well. By butler, we are not talking about your regular sweet-talking flight attendant! We are talking bout Savoy-trained butlers who are trained on how to give you everything you may need in your cabin from arranging your cutlery and making your bed to pressing your clothes singing you a lullaby if you want. The butlers receive the same training as the staff in Buckingham palace, so it is no joke. You will have to pay a huge amount of money for that golden ticket though.

Private Lounges And Even Terminals

Lufthansa started the habit of securing a whole terminal for their first-class flyers where they don’t have to go through the rigorous security checks and struggle with the economy traffic. First-class flyers still get to board the plane ahead of everyone on airlines that don’t have private terminals. When flying first class, you will have access to a golden-ticket private lounge with your big bedroom and a minibar plus a whole great space to wait for your flight away from those rough airport chairs.

Hold Meetings

Qatar airways was the first one to introduce a conference room with four seats where business class flyers can hold meetings and work while flying. Turkish, Etihad and Virgin soon picked up on it and introduced whole conference rooms in first class where people can meet and have business meetings as if they never left the office.

Ten Amazing Things You Get Only When You Fly First Class

Real Beds Plus Pajamas

When you have to stay for 6 or more hours crammed between two people with children crying in all directions of a metal tube and your ears feeling like they are gonna burst, a comfortable bed is a welcome relief. Now, you won’t get that in coach, and not all airlines offer this but many are now offering beds for their first class flyers. In Singapore Airlines, Etihad, China Eastern and most recently, Emirates premium first class will give you a comfortable double bed to sleep comfortably during your trip.

You Get A Personal Mini Bar

This is one of the reasons why more people are trying to reduce their onboard booze bills by simply flying first class. Many airlines will serve food from the best chefs in first class and some may even bring an onboard chef to cook for first class flyers. The food is unlimited as are snacks so you might wanna consider that the next time you fly. You can also choose a list of drinks you need in your minibar and enjoy your flight with as many drinks as you can have.

Have you ever flown first class? If you have why not let us know your experience in the comments below!

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