Ten Humiliating Things People Went Through After Losing Bets

Losing a bet is never easy but what really hurts is the weight of what you staked. Most people bet an amount of money they can afford, a beer or other drinks or, if they are really into it, something big like a car. Betting is an emotional affair though, and to give bets enough weight, bigger or more embarrassing stakes are promised. From people that bet their homes to those who agree to change their names to a super-crazy one if they lose a bet, here are the craziest things people had to go through for losing a bet.

Getting duct-taped to a traffic sign

Getting duct-taped to a traffic sign

Miguel Chavez and his friends bet on the Rockets VS Warriors NBA game in March 2017 and lost. Since he didn’t have money to pay up, his friends drove him to an intersection in Houston, Texas and duct taped him to a yield sign. The sight of Chavez hanging from the post shocked motorists who immediately called the police. The police were nice enough to help him down and give him a ride home without charges while the video of the man on a yield sign made headlines worldwide.

Bringing Donuts while surrendering to police

Police nowadays put the images of wanted people on social media and the last thing the suspect wants is to comment on the same post with their actual account taunting the officers. Michael Zaydel was wanted by police in 2017 for multiple misdemeanour warrants and when he told the police that he would turn himself in if the post of his wanted status was shared 1000 times on Facebook, the local community helped the police by reaching that target in just under an hour. He made good on his promise and even brought the police a bagel on the side alongside the box of doughnuts.

Forced to change a name to a 99-character sentence

Forced to change a name to a 99-character sentence

A man from Normanby, New Zealand lost a poker game and his stake was his own name which he promised to change to the longest one allowed by New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs. After losing the bet, he made good on his promise and paid the fee to change his name to ‘Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spoke And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova’. The name was just one character shy of what the department deemed legal and thus the unknown man’s name became Mr Frostnova.

Airline CEO forced to become a female flight attendant

The bet was between Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic and the CEO of Air Asia Tony Fernandes over who would win the 2010 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. The loser would have to dress up as a female stewardess on the winner’s airline and serve drinks. Branson lost and therefore had to serve drinks on an Air Asia charity flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur. He did a great job except for the intentional spilling of drinks on Tony Fernandes, maybe to get something back.

A divorce

Real Madrid won the 2017 UCL final by beating Juventus 4:1. No one felt that pain more than Charles Jambaya, Zimbabwean who had wagered his wife to his friend. The friend promised to give Jambaya $500 if Juventus won the game but of course, they were the underdogs and they lost. The 22-year-old wife was shocked when the winner, Eugene Gumbo came to claim her as his prize, causing her to flee the house and seek refuge with her aunt who in turn took the husband to a traditional court. The man pled momentary insanity for his lapse of judgement and both the winner and the loser were fined an animal.

Being forced to retake ACT’s

Adam McPherson was a 23-year-old psychology degree holder in 2017 when he became last in his fantasy league group. The group made up of his college friends had decided that whoever comes last would be forced to redo the test that determines college readiness, mostly done by teenagers way younger than Adam. It is a rigorous test that takes four and a half hours to complete so no one would pay for it and just take it lightly. The lose went through all that just to keep his word to his mates.

Ten Humiliating Things People Went Through After Losing Bets

Getting breast implants

What would you do for $100,000? The answer is many people would do lots of stuff for it, but not many married men would agree to have breast plants even for that amount of money. The man, in this case, is Brian Zembic who was dared by a friend to get breast implants for that amount. His breasts are 38C which are even larger than his wife’s. His friend said it was the best $100,000 he ever lost as he paid for the gamble and even kept his word of giving Zembic an extra $10,000 for every year he kept the implants.

Journalist forced to run naked

Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Today’s Show never fails to find a reason to make fans love him. In 2020, he promised to run naked through a street in Melbourne if Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. He then got an excuse by saying he no longer had to run because Trump didn’t concede defeat. In 2015, he made a similar promise if the Australia Cricket captain failed to score a century and when he failed, Karl ran across the studio in the nude with his cohosts forced to watch on.

Losing a house

Wagering your family home on a football match is never a great idea, but in this case, both bettors were crazy since the other one had bet his wife and car on the game. The victim was Henry Dhabasani, an Arsenal fan who was confident that Arsenal would beat Manchester United. Rashid Yiga, his Manchester United opponent bet his house and wife that United would win and they did. The day after the match, Yiga and his fellow United fans stormed the loser’s home and evicted them.

Getting a Trump face tattoo on your back

Getting a Trump face tattoo on your back

While Karl Stefanovic got off easy, Zach Cobert from Iowa wasn’t so lucky in 2016. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter who ended up supporting Hilary Clinton and promised to get the face of Donald Trump tattooed onto his body if Trump won the election and he did. He had made the wager against his buddy and wasn’t about to back on his word even as he took to social media to confess that the bet was a bad idea. His girlfriend got mad at him too as she complained that she would now have to look at the “Trump stamp” forever since it had been tattooed to Zach’s lower back.

Have you ever been humiliated after losing a bet? If you have why not share your story in the comments below. 

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