Ten of the Weirdest Conspiracy Theories You Will Ever Hear

Conspiracy theories are nothing new, and for some people, they make for great entertainment. But when they become so outlandish and bizarre, they can leave us scratching our heads in confusion and disbelief. In this article, we will take a look at ten of the weirdest conspiracy theories you will ever hear.

Dinosaurs built the pyramids

Number 10: Dinosaurs built the pyramids

According to this theory, the ancient Egyptians did not build the pyramids. Instead, they enlisted the help of dinosaurs, much like in the cartoon show The Flintstones. While there is no evidence to support this idea, it is certainly an amusing one.

Number 9: Hitler lives on the moon

When World War II ended, Adolf Hitler did not die, but instead fled to the moon with a group of loyal followers. The moon base is supposedly still in operation, and the inhabitants are known as space Nazis.

The Beatles were MI5 agents

Number 8: The Beatles were MI5 agents

This theory suggests that the Beatles were not just a popular rock band but were also undercover agents for MI5. Their mission was to corrupt American youth and encourage drug use. Why? Because the Queen is allegedly an international drug dealer, and the Beatles were her way of breaking into the American market.

Number 7: Chinese agents cause UK traffic

This conspiracy theory claims that the Chinese government sends its agents to the UK to deliberately drive slowly on roads, causing traffic and decreasing productivity. There is no evidence to support this idea, but it is a curious one nonetheless.

Number 6: Barack Obama controls the weather

According to this theory, former US President Barack Obama has the power to control the weather. It is unclear whether he passed this power on to his successor or is using it to water his plants.

Stephen King killed John Lennon

Number 5: Stephen King killed John Lennon

This bizarre theory suggests that Stephen King, the famous author, is responsible for the death of John Lennon. The theory is based on the fact that King and Mark Chapman, the man who shot Lennon, look somewhat similar.

Number 4: The Earth is hollow

The idea that the Earth is not a solid sphere but is instead hollow has been around for centuries. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this theory.

Denver Airport is an opening to hell

Number 3: Denver Airport is an opening to hell

This theory suggests that Denver Airport is the most evil place on Earth, and that it is an opening to hell. The theory has been fueled by some bizarre paintings in the airport, which have been interpreted as satanic symbols.

Number 2: Saddam Hussein owned a stargate

According to this theory, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein owned a stargate, similar to the one in the movie. He intended to use it to bring back alien weapons to destroy the world, which is supposedly the real reason for the war in Iraq.

Dinosaurs control the media

Number 1: Dinosaurs control the media

This theory suggests that dinosaurs never actually went extinct. Instead, they escaped to space and were taught how to disguise themselves as humans by aliens. They have since returned to Earth and now control the media, which they use to propagate myths about climate change.

While these conspiracy theories may be entertaining, they are not grounded in reality. It is important to approach any information with a critical mind and to question the sources of the information we receive. By doing so, we can avoid being taken in by these wild and outlandish theories.

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