Ten Ways to Paint Pebbles With The Little Ones

Each and every day I walk my dog, Alfie and often in the woods. But last weekend I decided to take him for a walk along the beach. He played fetch, went into the water and generally had lots of fun. But he also found something! When he couldn’t find his ball (because he was standing on it) he picked up a pebble and dropped it by my feet. The pebble was heart-shaped and I thought it looked amazing and took it home. I then painted it red and it is still in my living room as a memory of that day. It seems I am not the only person who paints on pebbles because there are many other ways you can do it…

Sea Creatures painted onto pebbles

Sea Creatures

NEVER….underestimate the pure power of stick-on googly eyes. No matter what you place them on it brings it to life, but stick them onto a sea creature that has been painted onto a rock and you have something that could bring a smile to even the saddest of faces!

Owls painted onto pebbles


If I thought that for one second I could do half as good a job as this person has done I would so have a go at making these! But sadly unless it was a stick person owl I wouldn’t have any hope. So instead I will just say how amazing I think these are and move on.

Monsters painted onto pebbles


What did I tell you about the wobbly eyes! And when it comes to these rather amazing monsters that have been painted onto pebbles, it just brings them to life and these just look so much fun to make it is ridiculous! Might have to make a few for me!

Pebble painted as a bee


WIN! What more is there to say about a pebble that has been painted rather skillfully to be made to look like a bumble bee!

Pebble dominoes


When you tell the little ones all the great games (much like the dominoes pictured here) that you used to play as a kid they look at you like you are mad! Well here is a news flash for them, so people actually had fun painting pebbles to look like dominoes and then playing with them! Crazy days indeed.

Wish pebbles


Wish pebbles are the perfect little keepsakes, each one carries a good wish for the birthday or birth of a girl/boy and is normally things they might need for now and the future. So a great thing to give and show you care and all because you painted a pebble!

Painted Pebbles made to look like mushrooms


These simply painted rocks are instantly transformed into mushrooms when you place 2 pebbles one on top of the other! A lick of paint and you have something that is perfect for a garden or maybe just something nice to put in the window as it is sure to be a great talking point.

Pebbles painted as ladybirds


Before I say this I’d just like to say that I am still the same family-loving guy you have all come to know, but…I kind of like ladybirds! And if ever there is something cool to make with pebbles then it has to be this. Simple and quite, quite beautiful.

Pebbles made into feet


There is nothing more annoying than a small stone in your shoe as you walk along, OUCH! But pebbles that have been painted in a glue/varnish solution and then attached to a piece of wood and arranged to look like feet are anything but annoying, and, in fact, it is quite amazing! Simple design, but one of the best things you will ever see made with them.

Pebbles painted to look like strawberries


This was my absolute favourite way I have ever seen anyone paint pebbles. Not only would it not be that hard to copy but in a strange kind of way, it also makes sense as if the best way to paint these pebbles was to do it as strawberries! Absolutely stunning.

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