Ten Ways to Combat Anxiety By The Experts

Ten Ways to Combat Anxiety By The Experts

Anxiety is a feeling that everyone has to deal with on an almost daily basis. Problems with the family, work or school are, among other things, the main factors that arouse the feeling of anxiety in people. Below we will see a list of 10 ways to deal with anxiety that have been developed by professional psychologists and counsellors, who propose innovative methods to try to put an end to this annoying sensation that torments thousands of people around the world.

Repeat that you are worried to the point of boredom

Take 20 minutes to think deeply about the issue that is bothering you. At first, you will feel very anxious but then you will see that your mind clears through repetition.

Make it worse

The more force we dedicate to controlling anxiety, we see how it increases instead of decreases. On the contrary, it seeks to exaggerate it to see what happens.

Don’t fight the madness

Many times we feel like we are about to go crazy because of the anxiety we have. Instead of judging yourself and trying to fight that feeling, let yourself go down that path and you will see how the feeling disappears completely.

Recognize false alarms

When we experience anxiety, fatalistic thoughts often come to mind that has nothing to do with reality. Recognize them and you will see how absurd they can be.

Turn your anxiety into a movie

By transforming ourselves as the protagonist of a fictional movie we will be seeing our situation from a more external perspective, which will help us better understand the situation and lose anxiety about certain things that are worrying us.

Ten Ways to Combat Anxiety By The Experts

Control your worries by the clock

Another interesting technique is to give each problem a certain amount of time each day to deal with it. After that time you forget about it and start thinking about something else no matter how much you have resolved it or not. You will see how it will relieve your anxiety since your problems do not chase you all the time.

Recognize that there are things that have no solution

We cannot control and solve absolutely everything that happens in our lives. Keep this idea in mind always and you will see how you regain control of your daily emotions.

Take a deep breath

It is widely known by all of us that good abdominal breathing helps to release the tension of all kinds.

Make peace with time

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a great time or you’re in the worst moment of your life, remember that time solves everything and things will get better eventually.

Don’t let anxiety take control of your life

Regardless of the feelings you have, do not put aside your daily activities because you feel powerless to fulfil them. The key is to never give up.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Have they given you results? Do you have any better suggestions about dealing with anxiety? If you do why not leave a comment below and tell us all about it. 

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