Ten Expert Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Tips To Really Up Your Game

Ten Expert Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Tips To Really Up Your Game

Pacific will keep you fixated on enough thrilling action and adventure. You also get to experience the numerous weapons and attachments available on Caldera. As good as that sounds, your fun can be short-lived if you don’t have some tips to keep you alive. We have compiled several tips and tricks discovered from several gaming hours for you in this article. These tips will help you identify one of the many ways to play the game and hit those all-important wins…

Where you decide to drop matters

Players will always want to land in the promised land filled with high-end gears. Unfortunately, this might end up getting you killed before you lay your hands on any. This happens most especially when you’re still yet to learn the basics of combat in the game.

Some locations you might want to avoid when landing include the Airfield or Capital. Other locations such as Runway and Arsenal are less populated and might allow you to get some loots before the battleground gets heated.

Pop and Pull

Did you know you can pull your parachute as many times as you like? Knowing this tip will enable you to land faster, quieter and much more on target than simply floating down.

Choose your tools smartly

A bigger percentage of your success at the end of the game depends on the weapons you have in your loadout. We won’t tell you what kinds of weapons will serve you best; we’ll tell you to identify your play style. Different weapons will serve different gamers differently.

Generally, the combat situations you’ll encounter in Caldera are largely long-range encounters. So, your weapons should have fine optic abilities. Some weapons we recommend for the Pacific include Grau 5.56, M4, and FARA 83.

Contracts Are The Keys To Cash

There are a number of different contracts on offer in the game all of which are clearly marked out on the map. Sticking with Big Game Bounties will earn you a lot of cash, but the smaller contracts like ‘Most Wanted’ can be done easily and quickly earning you smaller amounts but in a much faster time.

Choose that fighting spot carefully

Finding yourself in the wrong position can get you killed on the Caldera map in seconds. It becomes terrifying when you’re at an open location that keeps you exposed to any sniper on a raised ground. Thankfully, the Caldera map is characterized by several hills and mountains.

Ten Expert Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Tips To Really Up Your Game

Look to the Skies for Flares

There could be a number of reasons you see a flare going off in the game, but they are mostly used for signalling a point of interest and that means everyone else will rush towards it. Stay back and pick them off or go full-speed towards it and maybe get a cache supply before someone else does.

You should find your way to the top of any of these hills where you can have a good view of your surroundings. Mind you, constantly keep an eye at the edge of the shrinking gas circle on your minimap – you mustn’t be caught outside of it.

Use your cash when possible

Caldera has several points of interest where you can find huge amounts of cash. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to go to a buy station and purchase items that will help you survive till the last round. Unfortunately, we can’t help you choose what to buy, but they must include a self-revive kit and some armour.

Of course, you need to get some weapons and attachments too. Pacific’s game mode only allows players to get their custom loadout when they start the second circle. So keeping your cash till then might be an unfruitful venture.

Learn different movements

We’re not inviting you to a competition with a popular movement lord like JoeWo. But after learning the maps, you need to be able to reach different locations effortlessly like it’s second nature. Some common movement mechanics in Caldera include sliding, slide cancelling, and bunny hopping.

Mastering these movements will help you escape some tough situations and also earn you some kills. However, becoming good at these movements will require that you spend some extra time practising repeatedly.

Your knowledge of the map is important.

You’re probably wondering why this tip came last. It’s simple – saving the best for the last. Your knowledge of the map will also contribute to playing the game. Take some time to study the map while you’re playing the game; thankfully, you have the minimap.

When you know the different routes, you’ll likely know where an enemy will emerge from. This will help you avoid some dangerous spots on the map and find those pretty precious loots easily.

Remember, it’s Just a Game!

After a few bad games, you might feel you are losing it and start to feel a little angry with yourself. Just remember that it is just a game! There are times you will win loads and times you will lose lots as well. Just keep calm and remember it’s not your controller’s fault, nor the screens. It’s just the way these types of games go from time to time. Just keep playing and enjoy the game for its randomness.

Conclusion: What’s important is that you know your Caldera maps and the different weapons and attachments. Also, learn the different conditions where you need to utilize the different weapons and attachments. Lastly, take the time to learn the different movement techniques in the game. With all these in practice, you can boost your performance.

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