Ten of the Very Best Uses for That Under the Stairs Space

Have you been wondering what to do with that space under your staircase? The problem is the gap under your stairs is often at a funny angle and not big enough to do half the things you want to do. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses. These ten ideas are not just about gaining a bit more storage space, some of them are the work of a genius and make fantastic use of otherwise unused space. If you are looking for ideas, this is the post for you…

Bedroom Under Staircase

Turn it Into a Bedroom

Located in the Dursley household, at 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey is “The cupboard under the stairs” and is of course the bedroom of child wizard himself Harry Potter. But the idea behind it is a sound one and some people do indeed turn it into a small bedroom.

Office Under Staircase

Turn it Into an Office

If all you have is a small office space in the corner of a room, you might want to have more space than that, so this under staircase office could well be the answer you are looking for, especially if you are not going to use it all day.

Bookcase Under Staircase

Turn it Into a Bookcase

For those of us who are bookworms (like myself) why not turn that under the staircase space into a tidy looking bookshelf! While it doesn’t use up the whole depth of that said space it will make your favourite books easier to find.

Wine Storage Under Staircase

Turn it Into Wine Storage

For those people who like wine more than any other drink, I give you the ultimate in wine bottle under staircase storage. While I won’t keep them as cold as many people like it will keep them neat and tidy until it is time to chill one.

White Goods Under Staircase

Store Your White Goods There

White goods  (aka major appliances) like the big fridge, washing machine and dryer are those sorts of things that don’t really fit anywhere other than the kitchen. So why not hide them under the stairs case and mix their white colouring with your own hallway colour scheme. I’m not sure about the dish washer being under there like the one in the image, but the fridge might just work.

Bathroom Under Staircase

Turn it Into Bathroom

Have you always wanted that downstairs bathroom, but just don’t have space for it? Why not turn that gap under your staircase into a small bathroom. Check out the right image in which they have squeezed a shallow bath into it as well!

Aquarium Under Staircase

Turn it Into Aquarium

While it is clearly a bespoke-designed tank you could do it and dare I say it is a pretty good use of the depth of it as well. Check out the stairs cut into the tank as well give the fish that little extra space to explore.

Storage Idea Under Staircase

Turn it Into Storage

With the understairs area of my own home being a sort of dumping ground for coats and shoes it does make sense for me to turn it into a storage area. You can even buy modular storage from IKEA to make something much like that you see here.

Kids Playhouse Under Staircase

Turn it Into a Playhouse

The problem with that small space under the staircase is that it is often too low for anything, but not so much for the little ones. So why not turn it into a playhouse and when they grow out of it you can use it to store all their old toys as well.

Doghouse Under Staircase

Turn it Into a Dog House

There is no better thing to do with that annoying gap than to turn it into a nice quiet space for a pet. This works especially well if you have your staircase in the living room like many of us do.  That way your pet can feel part of the family and have his own space for when it all gets too much.

I think some of these ideas are amazing, but I would love to hear from all of you. What is under your staircase? Why not tell us in the comments below.

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