Ten Unforgettable Moments In Money Heist Final Series

Ten Unforgettable Moments In Money Heist Final Series

Money Heist finally ended and many argue that the ending wasn’t as interesting as they would have hoped. It was still sweet to see Sierra and Lisbon smile and Denver kiss Stockholm again. That military helicopter flying the surviving members of the gang to safety with new identities was obviously the happiest time for the fans of the show. The five parts of the hit show had lots of moments that fans will find impossible to forget for a long time. These 10 are at the top of the most memorable moments in the five parts of La Casa De Papel.

Sierra And Professor Trapped

Sierra wasn’t fond of El Professor. It is not clear whether the two had some history that the show never talked about, but Sierra definitely hated him enough to risk everything including her unborn baby just to stop him. When Sierra kidnaps El Professor and takes him to Tamayo in what she hopes to be the way out for her, it felt as if The Professor had finally come to his end.

When Tamayo turned down Sierra’s proposal, she found herself in as much trouble as Professor and now the man that had helped deliver her baby earlier had to save her from going to prison for the rest of her life. The three running into the vacant house and hiding inside a sofa remains one of the most iconic moments in the show. They were saved by the cat though because baby Victoria just wouldn’t keep quiet.

Lisbon’s Prison Break and Entry into The Bank of Spain

The Bank of Spain was obviously the most guarded place in the world once that heist started and it was the last place anyone wanted to be. It is not clear why Lisbon had to go back into the bank because her presence didn’t change much but her entry was still iconic. The smart prison break from the courthouse parking lot was one of the most ingenious scenes of the show. The best part was flying a whole military helicopter above the military, dropping someone into the bank under the cover fire by Manilla and the rest of the gang and the escape by Marseille without being caught.

Tokyo’s Death

This remains the saddest scene in Money Heist. Tokyo had managed to avoid capture for days after his boyfriend was shot by police. She had a strong will to live and was a great fighter which is why Berlin encouraged El Professor to recruit her. Being the narrator of the story, everyone expected her to be the last person standing but the producers weren’t so generous. Of all ways to die, she chose to blow herself up to kill Gandia and avenge Nairobi’s death which was just so sad. Some fans hoped she would be back in the final five episodes but it was all hope and nothing else.

Ten Unforgettable Moments In Money Heist Final Series

The War

When Professor thought that Lisbon had been killed, he told Palermo and the rest of the gang that they were now at war, It was obvious that the second heist would be bloodier than the first one but his declaration of war took it to a whole new level. Tokyo shooting the grenade launcher at the armoured military truck was a show of strength by the gang, unlike nothing everyone had seen before. It proved to Tamayo that the gang meant business although Professor had only lost his head over a bluff.

Professor And Lisbon Caught in The Forest

Professor and Lisbon were supposed to be the voices to guide the gang through the heist and being caught wasn’t a luxury they could afford. Professor and Raquel were also behaving like teens in love while everyone else risked their lives which were a little unfair. When the police caught up with the duo and forced them to split, everyone hoped Raquel would be the one that gets away but unfortunately, she is the one that got caught. The images of Professor screaming and breaking down when he heard that gunshot and thought Lisbon was dead remains one of the few banners of Money Heist.

Berlin’s Death

After sexually molesting a hostage, bullying the gang and expressing narcissistic behaviour, Berlin was the last man you would expect to be the hero of the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. Berlin is the man that made the escape from the mint possible when he sacrificed himself to hold the police back. The images of Berlin’s ultimate sacrifice turned him into the martyr that immortalized him for the remaining three seasons of the show.

Tokyo And Rio Caught on The Island

Tokyo and Rio’s romance was the most iconic of any couple in Money Heist. Their love had no boundaries. It was all pure with the truth being the basis of their connection and they were the last people you would expect to get caught until it happened. Rio running to pick an RPG and stand up to the approaching army was the bravest thing he ever did.

Arturo Strapped with Bombs

Arturo was everything fans didn’t like about Money Heist including a rapist, a chauvinist, a coward and a charlatan. Everyone hoped he would die during the second heist after he turned into the most undesirable character in the film when he abused hostages and disrespected Stockholm. The most unforgettable episode involving Arturo happened when Helsinki strapped him with the fake bombs after he instigated a prisoner revolt that cause Oslo’s death. The fear in Arturo’s eyes was on another level and it kept him in check allowing the heist to continue smoothly.

Ten Unforgettable Moments In Money Heist Final Series

Berlin Handing Tokyo Over to The Police

Whether it was lack of sleep or just psychotic breakdown, Tokyo was almost the reason why the heist in the Royal Mint almost failed. She wasn’t willing to listen to Berlin and follow the plan and that only got worse when Berlin hurt Rio. To stop the insolence from continuing and also to keep the authorities in check, Berlin handed Tokyo over to the police in style. Nothing beat the thrill of Tokyo tumbling down the stairs on a trolley and being stripped because of fear for bombs by the police.

The Hostage Escape in The Royal Mint

This was all planned by Arturo and it was the most action-filled scene in the first season. None of the gang members was ready for the chaos and even the professor who was supposed to be watching was busy trying to win Raquel over. The gang was forced to save themselves military-style and brave a few shots to seal the hole in the wall created by fleeing hostages.

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