Ten Parenting Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Ten Parenting Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Kids are one of the greatest gifts of God, they make our life happy and stress-free. Its the duty of parents to take better care of their babies. If your little bundle of joy is keeping you up all night then it is time for you to find ways and means of getting him or her to sleep so that you also get to rest. Here are ten ways to get your baby to sleep peacefully all night.

1- Have consistent bedtimes

If you want your baby to sleep well then make sure you stick to a particular bedtime every night. The baby eventually gets used to these criteria and sleeps peacefully all night long.

2- Get some rest as well

As the nurse, you also need to get some rest so when the baby takes a nap, you should do the same. This will keep you active and responsive to the numerous needs of the baby. You should not be afraid to ask the other members of the family to help as well.

3- Be realistic

Even as you train your baby to get used to a certain routine, be sure they are realistic in the sense that you want to keep doing them. As much as you can avoid routines that has to be done at midnight.

4- Let him or her go to sleep on his or her own

It is important to train the baby to go to sleep without being helped to do so. You do not need to rock the baby or sing for him or her every time you want him or her to sleep. Eventually, they get used to the routine and will not need help.

5- No feeding right before bedtime

If you get your baby used to being fed right before they sleep, he or she will wake up in the middle of the night and expect the same. Be sure to feed the baby long before it is time for him or her to sleep.

Ten Parenting Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep

6- Make the crib conducive and safe

Make sure that there is not too much bedding in the crib as this can be dangerous for the baby. Also, make sure the room is conducive for the baby to sleep in. it should be dark and quiet as sounds will definitely wake the baby up.

7- Know the sleep signs

Babies are very predictable so it is easy to know when they are about to fall asleep. Whatever the sign is, it is important that as the nurse you learn it and respond accordingly.

8- You do not need to react to everything

You should ignore the small noises that the child makes. There is a tendency to get up and feed the baby whenever it makes any sound; this usually interrupts the normal sleeping pattern of the baby. You are advised to wait for real baby noises and then attend to the baby. This will also allow you to have enough rest and give the baby quality time when he or she really needs it.

9- Daytime naps

It is important that your baby takes naps at night for about half an hour. You need to remember that these should be naps and as such not take too long. The logic is that if the baby sleeps all day then he or she will stay up most of the night.

10- Swaddling

A swaddle is a comfortable warm blanket that will keep the baby warm and tight not allowing him or her to swing his hands and wake himself up. Many have called it the miracle blanket as it keeps the baby asleep more. It is however important that you transition your baby out of the swaddle and allow him or her to learn to sleep naturally.

Do you have any other tips for getting a baby to sleep? If you do why not let all of us tired parents know in the comments below.

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