Ten Stories of Dogs Who Got Their Heads Stuck in Something

They say it was curiosity that killed the cat, but it is not just cats who are always curious, dog’s do it as well. But sadly for these ten dogs you are about to see that curiosity ended up with their heads getting stuck inside various things and in various places. While sometimes sad I can promise you they were all freed shortly afterwards and they all have happy stories in the end…

Dog with its head stuck in a drain pipe

Telescope dog approves of this post

Chasing a ball down a drainpipe was never going to end well for anyone, but this poor dog just went a bit too far.  Lucky for him it was just a matter of pushing his ears down and through and he was once again free again, but with a lifelong fear of drainpipes.

Dog with its head stuck in a wall

Curiosity got the head stuck

If this dog could talk he would probably say something like “I just wanted to see what was on the other side!” Sadly this poor pouch was stuck for several hours, but thanks to a loving owner he was given all the help he could ask for and was released after a few hours.

Dog with its head stuck in a Watering Can

Jug Head

Maybe this dog just wanted to be a Hammerhead shark! Or maybe he was just trying to get a drink from the watering can when suddenly he realised he was stuck in theirs. FYI if you do ever get stuck in something it is important not to panic and that will only increase swelling and make the matter worst.

Dog with its head stuck in a Wall


This lovable dog is, in fact, trying to escape a very bad owner indeed. The good news is that the dog escaped relatively unhurt and was rehomed with much more loving owners. Some people make me sick they really do, love how cute it is, how could they do that. But at least it is a happy ending.

Dog with its head stuck in a Pepsi Box

Pepsi Fan Turns To Coke-Cola

Maybe if the dog had stayed drinking diet pop he might not have got its head stuck. But at least it is only cardboard and a simple rip and tears here and there and he will soon be free…but forever drinking Coke-Cola instead.

Dog with its head stuck in a Fish Bowl

“Sorry about the fish, you might want to put a net behind me when I poop!”

It might look like a fishbowl, but I am going to guess that it is, in fact, a cookie jar and there were some rather tasty crumbs in it. But with a little tug and pull the dog was soon freed none the wiser for his experience I would imagine.

Dog with its head stuck in a Car Wheel

“I have been eating a little bit extra, but that doesn’t explain this spare tyre!”

It is apparently a complete mystery what poor little Tinks was doing or indeed did to get her head stuck in a car wheel, but as will all our dogs here she recovered OK and was only stuck for a few hours. Fair play, that is one tiny hole in the middle of those tyres.

Dog with its head stuck in a Cat Flap

“Chasing the cat again?, Me? I’ve been asleep all day until this door attacked!

OK, this dog is most probably not stuck at all, but still looking rather lovable. I used to work as a paperboy when I was younger and saw quite a few dogs that did this through the cat flap. It was the nipping ones that could squeeze through, you really had to watch out!

Dog with its head stuck in a Can


The dog might seem to have its head stuck here, but the fact that it has holes in the bottom of the can means there is no vacuum to keep him in there, so with a simple pull he would be free to do it again and again.

Dog with its head stuck in a Cage

“Well, this is the last time I try to bite that postman!”

Of course, the dog is not really stuck like that, it is just being silly. But it was too much of a lovable face and squashed smile not to make people smile. Let us hope he doesn’t hurt his chops doing that.

Do you have any silly dog photos you would like to share with us? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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