Top Ten Places Your Remote Control is Hiding

Top Ten Places Your Remote Control is Hiding

Your leisure time can instantly turn into a nightmare trying to find that small piece of technology called the remote control. It is such a hassle to stand up and change the TV channel you’re watching, when just a while ago, your RC was within your reach, doing wonders from your comfy couch. Still can’t figure out where you’ve put your remote control? Here are some places where you may have left it.

10. Playing hide and seek under the sofa

Is it under your sofaNothing’s unusual with a remote control falling off your table or couch and ending up under the sofa. For one thing, you’ll see far more unlikely places it can go to on the list. Secondly, you may be surprised to see what other things may be found alongside your remote control. Jewellery, lipstick, underwear – they may even be not your own stuff. Check out places like these before buying a universal remote.

9. Enjoying diversity inside the trash can

Maybe you dumped it there during a busy day involving feeding your kid, attending to your spouse, watching your favourite TV show, and cleaning your house, you may not be aware of the things you may have thrown off to the garbage bin. You may have had an experience before when you’re holding two things, one is important and the other is trash, then you unconsciously throw away the valuable stuff instead of the junk. Your remote may have suffered the same fate. Look for it immediately before it is mixed with stuff you didn’t know even existed.

8. Trying to get some fresh air inside the toilet

You can no longer contain it. Nature calls for you badly. You head off to the bathroom without caring about a single thing you’re holding. Your mind is all set to getting it off your system. After you’re done and as you return to your paused DVD, you can’t find the stupid remote to play it again. Lucky you, your body decided to go for a part two. So, you find the remote sitting there, watching you pass some nitrogen, carbon dioxide and everything else that comes with it. Then, you continue with the more desirable sequel.

7. Taking a dip in the couch cushion

What is it with long hard things wanting to get in between soft but tight colliding surfaces? No pun intended, but as you become more engrossed with an action-packed movie, the remote beside you would really seek refuge between the couch cushion while you get on and off your seat with excitement. If you’re certain that you did not take the remote elsewhere but the entertainment room and it’s not under the sofa, then it must be inside the sofa. Just like option ten, couch cushions are notorious for keeping the most unlikely things.

6. Flirting with Ms Pepperoni inside the pizza box

Movie night or football night is often also called pizza night. So, you order your favourite meat-lovers pizza complete with hot sauce. As you get a slice and become distracted by mozzarella stretching its full length from the box to your mouth, you place the remote inside the pizza box and forget it’s there. You’re lucky if you’re so into what you’re watching that you accidentally take a bite of your RC. What if it permanently takes flight with what’s left of Ms Pepperoni? Goodbye, old handy dandy RC!

Top Ten Places Your Remote Control is Hiding

5. Taking a winter vacation inside your ref

The ref is a more common destination for a remote belonging to a too-hungry-to-be-mindful person. You get home from work and turn on your TV set. While still thinking about your backlogs, you open the ref and you free up your hands to get your sumptuous cake. In the process, you forget that the remote is inside the ref, chilling without the right apparel. Leaving a remote control inside the microwave is less common, but can be dangerous if you operate the appliance with all the metal components of the remote inside it.

4. Reviving RoboCop in your kid’s room

Kids are known to be problem solvers in their unconventional but cute ways. If they’ve lost the remote for the TV in their room, they may get the matching piece in the living room. Worse, if their robot and other electronic toys run out of battery, they are sure to find every battery-operated gadget in your house to make their toys run again. You’re fortunate, they won’t have to unscrew most remotes to get their batteries; otherwise, your remote could be of no further use to you. The lesson of the story: buy some extra batteries and tell your kids where they are.

3. Pretending to be your phone inside your bag

You’re on a date wearing a pastel-coloured dress and carrying around a matching bag. Your phone rings. You reach out for a familiar thing inside your bag, but it’s not quite your phone. It’s the remote control. The embarrassment does not end there. Your date notices that you even put your remote inside the leather case supposed to contain your phone. Conclusion: getting too excited can lead to too much embarrassment.

2. Exploring different dimensions inside your pocket

Check your pocketYou’ve searched every room in your house and every piece of furniture and appliance that can possibly contain your remote control, but you still can’t find it. During the entire process, you feel uncomfortable about your lower garment, but you don’t mind it’s being irregularly heavy since you are so determined to find your MIA remote. Then, you see your younger brother and it all flashes back to you. You remember that to prevent your brother from changing the TV channel, you brought the remote with you to the kitchen and put it in your pocket as you grabbed some snacks. It was then that you realized that your remote was just on temporary leave from the world of greed.

1. Joining you in the quest for one’s self

Here goes the remote hide-out to top them all, the location so obvious, it didn’t cross your mind. All sweaty now and your clothes so dusty, you realize that your remote is nowhere else but your hands. Don’t fret for this is not a sign of a depleting common sense. In fact, it happens all the time. You may have had a similar experience looking for the bag on your shoulder, a ring on your finger, or a shoe on your foot.

It’s just a matter of time before you recede from unconsciousness. Until then, never lose hope. Fight for the blockbuster movies you’ve never seen before! Strive to find the key to watching the live airing of Idol.

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