Ten of the Rainiest Places on Planet Earth

Ten of the Rainiest Places on Planet Earth

Rains – we all love to the most. Well, where there are people who love rain and are crazy for the raindrops, there are also the people who hate the rain and we also stumble upon those who simply don’t care about it at all. Contrary to what people think about the rains, the fact remains that rains are a lovable thing of nature which mesmerizes the souls and plays magic with the people. Rain in other words is the name of romance. It is a natural music which we all love hearing. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 rainiest places in the world where heavy rains pour down throughout the year.

Crkvica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although we found Bosnia and Herzegovina with no coastline at all nonetheless the country received a higher amount of rain annually. Most of the time, the rains pour in Crkvica, the famous town in Bosnia situated northwest of Sarajevo.

Henderson Lake, British Columbia

British Columbia is another rainiest place on earth. It is situated in Canada. Where the cities like Toronto and Montreal in Canada have long winters and those too heavy ones, love to slip into the weather of British Columbia to enjoy the heavy rains. It is a beautiful place to live and enjoy life there.

Andagoya, Colombia

Colombia is laced with several climate challenges. The crazy weather fluctuations are witnessed in Columbia. With around five natural regions which have higher mountain peaks, steppes and tropical deserts, the rainy season in Columbia is always notorious. The town of Andagoya there faces the heavy downpour throughout the year.

Ten of the Rainiest Places on Planet Earth

Bellenden Ker, Queensland, Australia

Australia is a continent, it has mountains, deserts, tropical rainforests and oceans and this all make it more beautiful and catchy for travellers and visitors. Bellenden Ker area in Queensland is called the rainforest zone.

Quibdo, Colombia

Colombia, as also mentioned in the above lines of the article, receives heavy downpours every year. The town of Quibdo faces rainy weather quite often. Despite the fact that there are heavy rains, the town still suffers a lot from water shortages. This is really bad for the people living there.

Debundscha, Cameroon

Cameroon is called the most beautiful, eye candy and exotic nation in Africa. The place received supremely higher rainfalls every year. This happens because the place has an ocean coastline, grasslands, tropical forests, mountains and deserts within closer proximity to each other. The area received more than 400 inches of rain-pours a year.

Cherrapunji, India

Indian place ‘Cherranpunji’ has its place on the list as well. The rainfall level over there is quite higher – more than 400 inches. It is called the wet area of India. Although there are rains throughout the year, the area suffers water shortage problems. The place is quite eye-candy.

Mount Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii USA

Although this area of the U.S. is not a fully residential place, the Mount Waialeale region receives heavy downpours around the year and the Hawaii tourism official call it the wettest place on the planet earth. Many do not agree with this claim, as they say, there are many other wet places on the earth.

Ten of the Rainiest Places on Planet Earth

Mawsynram, India

A village in the Kashi Hills in Meghalaya state is Mawsynram proves that this place happens to be the real rainy place on earth. The town receives record annual rains. The rains take place all year round and put the place on this list of the heaviest rainy place in the world.

Lloro, Colombia

Colombia has one more name on the list of the top 10 rainy places in the world. This shows how much rains pour on the country around the year. Lloro in the Choco Department of Colombia receives heavy downpours all year round and as per reports, it received more than 532.6 inches of rain every year.

Does it rain a lot where you live? Have you been to any of these places? Do let us know in the comments below.

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