Ten Amazing Pictures of Animals on Ladders Doing a Spot of DIY

I used to work for a DIY / Ladder firm and I had to various posts about things to do with a ladder, and how to use them. But what I thought I would do is show fun images of animals on a ladder. I no longer work for them nowadays so I thought it would bring nice to look back on some of the silly images I had to find…<!–more–>

Red Squirrel on a Ladder

Red Squirrel

This is a great image of a red squirrel who was trapped on a small grass clump in a river due to it being flooded. But when people saw it, and how distressed it was they called the local fire brigade who then rescued it. And you just know there is no “thank you for saving my life!” involved. But just click on the image for the full story.

Dachshund on a Ladder


This cute chap is Crusoe, and he is advertised as the celebrity Dachshund! It seems he certainly has the lifestyle to pull that claim off as he does go on some amazing adventures, but here he is simply doing some orange picking.

Guinea Pig on a Ladder

Guinea Pig

It seems even Guinea pigs have to work hard for their food because this poor chap has to go up and down his homemade pole ladder all day long! The life of a fruit farmer is never easy.

Sultan Chicks on a Ladder

Sultan Chicks

I have to admit that this is the first time I have heard of a Sultan chick, seems that they originated from Turkey, and they got their name from the fact that they were the preferred ornamental breed for the Ottoman sultanate, and not used as food at all, but for decorative purposes! Yes, show chickens!

Bees on a Ladder


The act of using a ladder to collect honey, or even just to remove a bees nest is a very dangerous one, and this image shows that when provoked they will attack anything in sight, even if that means the tools of the trade!

Iguana on a Ladder


It turns out that Iguanas are in fact quite lazy and this one not only chased off the worker on this rope ladder but also used it to get access to the fruit at the top of the tree! I am surprised it didn’t just ask the worker to throw some down.

Chickens on a Ladder


This seems to look like a maths test question: How many chickens can you get on a 5 tread DIY stepladder? It turns out that the answer is 5, one per rung.

Butterfly on a Ladder


Butterflies are amazing things indeed. (as seen in my post: https://theverybesttop10.com/unusual-butterflies/ ) and while waiting to take a picture of one, this lucky photographer gets his shot because it lands on the step ladder he was using! Very lucky indeed.

Sugar Glider on a Ladder

Sugar Glider

I featured these super cute creatures in my post “Unusual Flying Animals” and everyone who ever sees them loves them. But this one, who is just about to fly is on a plastic toy ladder! Ok, this is cheating a little bit because it is not a real ladder, but still very cool.

Liger on a Ladder


If you thought a tiger or a lion was scary, check this guy out! This is Hercules and he is a liger! A hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress simply makes it one of the largest big cats in the world!

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