Ten Reasons why Owning a Pet is Healthy For You

Ten Reasons why Owning a Pet is Healthy For You

Your pet is your companion when no one else is around. It is the member of your family; it is the one you love the most. You often talk to your pet knowing that it doesn’t understand most of it! Of course, there is a special connection between you and your pet. Owning a pet not only gives you a good companion but also boosts your well-being. Here are 10 healthy reasons to own a pet…

Owning a Pet Decreases Stress

A study conducted at the State University of New York in 2002 proved that people who own a pet experience lower stress in doing stressful tasks as compared to their non-pet owner counterparts.

Owning a Pet Lowers Blood Pressure

Numerous studies have proved that people who engage in different activities with their pets on a regular basis are at a lower risk of hypertension or heart-related diseases. Study shows that your pet keeps you happy and improves your health.

Owning a Pet Can Ease Pain

A study proved that pet owners experience lower migraine attacks, less severe headaches and require significantly fewer pain medications than the ones who do not own a pet.

Owning a Pet Can Help Lower Cholesterol

A study proved that people who own pets (especially men) tend to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels as compared to their non-pet owner counterparts. It is believed that the time these pet owners spend with their pets is of high quality, which in turn, helps in reducing cholesterol.

Pets Improve Mood

Your pets won’t ever let you be in a bad mood! Howsoever stressed or in bad mood you are, pets will always find a way to make you smile. Your pets care about you more than you care about them.

Ten Reasons why Owning a Pet is Healthy For You

Pets Help People Socialize

Owning a pet can increase your social activities, a study says. Especially when you have a cute pet (say a dog) and you take it out for a walk, number of people will run into you inquiring about your pet.

Prevents Strokes

Implying to the fact that pets help reduce stress and lower cholesterol, these reduce the owners’ chances of suffering from a stroke. A study says that owning a puts you at 40% less risk of having a heart-related disease.

Monitors Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics

A study conducted by ADA in 1992 showed that one-third of the pets living with diabetics would change their behaviour when their owner’s blood sugar level dropped. This can act as an alarm for people around you!

Pets Prevent Allergies and Help Improve Immunity

Apart from the fact that some people are allergic to felines, pets actually prevent allergies by improving the body’s self-defence mechanism.

Pets Help Children Develop

Children who grow up with pets in their house are found to be more emotionally developed. Experts say that such kids learn to express themselves in more ways.

Your pets are the part and parcel of your life and simply by loving and owning a pet will give you a companion for years to come and that is sure to enrich anyone’s life. If you have a pet you love, or know of any other health benefits to poet ownership do let us know in the comments below. 

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