Ten of The Best Natural Remedies For Nausea

Ten of The Best Natural Remedies For Nausea

Your body is actually very good at protecting you and will try its best to throw anything that it feels is not good for your body if it hits your belly. Now, nausea all goes down to irritation of the gut or the brain and this all happens when your brain receives the triggers through smell, what you see and sometimes what you eat. You should remember that severe nausea accompanied with other symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, dizziness and fatigue may be symptoms of a more serious problem and so you should seek medical attention. Whatever the cause of your nausea, having these in your kitchen will help you ease the symptoms.


Ginger can be consumed in lots of ways and its medicinal properties have been exploited for over 2,000 years. Whatever the cause of your nausea, ginger is a reliable way to keep some food down, whether you go for concentrated or natural ginger. It helps reduce the symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy, morning sickness, surgery and other causes. You can use ginger tea or simply add grated or ground ginger to your food. Its smell and fibre soothe your taste buds and stomach walls respectively reducing the risk of nausea. Ginger tea is the most recommended as the results are almost immediate and you can flavour it with a little honey, lemon or even sugar.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

This is another herb from the past that has the same powerful medicinal benefits as ginger. A study on how chamomile tea works on morning sickness actually concluded that women that took chamomile had less nausea than those that used ginger. The same goes for chemotherapy patients that used chamomile instead of ginger. You can buy chamomile tea bags or get ground chamomile for your tea.


Cardamom is another great spice as far as your gastrointestinal health is concerned. It has a cooling effect on your gut which, for some reason, reduces the instances of nausea especially when you eat fatty food with hot spices. It is also believed to lower the instances of irritation caused by stomach ulcers. It is another spice that provides a safety lining between your stomach and the reactants that cause vomiting. You can use it directly in food or in tea.


Aromatherapy is another method of reducing the impact of nausea and you don’t even need a lot of it to get the job done. The sweet scent relaxes your muscles which in turn relaxes your stomach preventing the muscle movements that cause nausea. That relaxation is what you need for your stomach juices to break down food and extract nutrients before irritation occurs again. You can use peppermint in your garnish for fatty and spicy foods or take it in tea when you feel nauseated after eating.


Honey doesn’t just bring a chemical balance to your stomach, it also offers an antibacterial protective shield that helps your body fight the infections that cause nausea. You can use it alongside other herbs and spices in this list because honey on its own may not be strong enough. You can also use a tablespoon of honey in your regular tea or other foods and you will feel relieved.



This is another spice that has been used for centuries thanks to its many medicinal benefits. Cinnamon also has antibacterial and antiviral properties which means it can help fight dangerous microbes in your gut and prevent irritation of the stomach lining. It also gives tea, soups, stew and other foods an aroma that relaxes your muscles and calms you down reducing the risk of nausea and vomiting.


Whatever version of anti-nausea tea you make, lemon will make a great addition. The scent of lemon on its own relieves nausea and lemon in food also improves your digestion and reduces the chances of your reacting to the food. Cinnamon is the best spice to accompany your lemon tea. Lemon-scented oil is recommended for morning sickness and chemo patients who have severe nausea. You can use it with cinnamon or just independently.

Fennel Powder

Fennel seeds are another superfood that has hit the top of the most coveted anti-nausea, vomiting and stomach pain supplement. Research has shown that taking fennel powder tablets before menstruation reduces the chances of having stomach pains and nausea. The same goes for morning sickness. Fennel tea is a great source of antioxidants and vitamins that are also beneficial to your health.



You can make tea using the seeds by brewing them inside your water or just add the powder to a glass of hot water and drink. Cumin has a wide range of healing benefits including relaxing your stomach walls when you are bloated, relieving indigestion and, in this case, relieving you of the urge to vomit.

Try Licorice Root

This is another spice that is widely available and filled with stomach-soothing compounds. The root relieves the symptoms of nausea and stomach pain when added to food. It also works well in lemon tea and it can also be used for chemotherapy patients.

If you know of any other natural remedies for nausea do let us know in the comments below.

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