Ten of The Most Memorable Days in Your Life

Ten of The Most Memorable Days in Your Life

Life is too short and sometimes it seems like we will not manage to pass by every important phase in life. However, during this short period, we manage to experience such great things that they always stay in our memory no matter how old we become during years. Memories are what make the sense of our lives. Of course, I am not saying that you should stick to the past, always remembering those nice and happy days of your life and forgetting about reality. There are certain days in a person’s life that almost all of us experience. These memorable days are perhaps the happiest moments ever. Let us enumerate those top 10 most memorable days in our lives.

10. Retiring

This may sound very sad, but each of us undergoes this stage as well. It seems like your life is ending, however, it is not true. Your life is just starting. You have dedicated all your youth, all your skills, time and energy to the job you love and now it is time to get a rest. You have plenty of time and why not an honourable pension that will allow you to spend on things you did not manage to complete earlier in your life? It is the ideal time to go travelling and have fun. Now that you have completed all our missions, have had children, provided them with good education and supported them in the first years of their lives as individuals, it is time to think about your personal happiness a little bit. Do not waste your time and hurry up to travel with your beloved and enhance your memories with new ones. So take advantage of the situation and enjoy yourself.

9. First Day at Work

Once you graduate from college, get your diploma, do some volunteering or go for internships, it is time that you get down to a serious job, according to your profession and qualifications. All of us feel a little excited on the first day in a new place. First, it is your first working experience, secondly, you may not know how to act, how to work, since you may not have proper training prior to the day, and third, you are stepping into a new world, where there are new faces, new challenges awaiting you. You are not going to see familiar faces from college or your neighbourhood and you are not going to build a friendly and casual relationships with your colleagues. It is a more serious sphere where your professionalism should never mix with your personal life. So make sure you act correctly, not passing the limits of professional and personal interests.

First Date

8. First Date

For some this day is experienced at school, for others at college and for the rest even during mature hood. Whenever it occurs, it is one of the most exciting days in your life. You are going to meet someone, you have feelings for. Maybe you have been looking for this particular day for such a long time. You are nervous, not knowing what to put on, how to do your hair and how to act in general. You want to create a good impression on your partner thus creating new chances for a second date maybe. However nervous or excited you may feel, remember that the most important thing is being natural as you are, since sooner or later your partner will come to know your real face and will appreciate your frankness and sincerity only. Do not try to imitate someone, act differently. Be as simple as you are and believe me, you will be a success.

7. Wedding

The day that is once in life or for some people for several times in their lives, nevertheless it is the most memorable one ever. You are tying your life with the one you consider your second half. A wedding is the most exciting and happy day in your life since you are first wearing that gorgeous dress you have always seen in fashion magazines or watched on TV and have always imagined yourself wearing it and walking towards the altar, where your beloved is waiting for you. Not only is this day memorable for you only, but for your hubby and your relatives as well. Your parents share your happiness and have to put up with the thought that you are no longer a child and are going to make your own family away from them.

Birth of Your Child

6. Birth of Your Child

If you adore children then you sure will be a dotting parent. The birth of your child will be the happiest moment of your life. We do not simply want a child to appear just for the purpose of guaranteeing a successor after us. It is done for the purpose to fill our lives with more interest, with love and care. There is so much love in our nature that we have to give to someone. And who else should that be if not a tiny creature that is the result of your love towards your spouse and the affection of your entire life. You carry the little thing inside you for several months and fuss about seeing him at last. There is nothing so wonderful than to hold your baby in your hands and admire his beauty and feel the power of motherhood.

5. The Day Your Baby Says “Mum” or “dada”

Another important thing you face with your baby is the day he says “muma” or “dada”. Most kids say mum as the first word they ever utter. However, it is not the same with all kids. No matter when your baby first pronounces this lovable word your heart sinks into your boots. You get excited at the same time delighted since only now you really feel a parental instinct since till this moment you knew you were a parent, but your child has just only uttered this word which is the most important phrase you have ever heard in your life.

Graduation Ceremony

4. Graduation Ceremony

If you are a student, you are perhaps looking forward to the great day, your graduation, away from school or college, already feeling like an adult who can control his life himself, since he already has a diploma and can earn money for his living. You now have fulfilled your dreams and are ready for challenges in life away from campus. You have your diploma at your hands and can head for the career you have been dreaming about maybe since early childhood. Make as much use of the knowledge gained at the institution to make all your lifetime dreams come true. A real specialist is always appreciated and always occupies an honourable position in the field of his speciality.

3. First Prom/school disco

Lots of schoolmates, old and famous, nice dresses, noisy music, lots of drinks and dances are what make a prom a real one. Once you leave school, a special party is organized to bring all the graduates together. Your first prom is the beginning of the so many parties that are awaiting you in your life. You put on the best dress, maybe the first one you ever wear, have your hair neatly done and wear nice makeup, which changes your teen look into an adult one. All of your friends have a transferred look on this great day, it seems like you have matured and are other people, just grownups. Goodbye to school and welcome a new life.

First Day at School

2. First Day at School

You are still too young to remember your first day at nursery school but you will surely remember your first day at school. Every child, especially those hating to attend nursery school is looking forward to the time when they will step into school, thinking that it is something more interesting and appealing rather than nursing school. The day you first go to school, you get millions of impressions: lots of kids of your age, walking here and there with flowers in their hands and big-big bags hanging on their backs. There is a new world opening in front of your eyes, that promises to be full of new adventures, lots of friends and, of course, many new things to learn.

1. Your Birthday

Of course, you don’t remember the day you were born, but sure it was the most important day of your life. You just entered this great world becoming an inseparable element of it. This day of the year is one of the most important ones for you once you grow up. There is nothing too sweet and appreciating when all your friends and relatives keep on calling you or visiting you to congratulate you on this great day. Maybe during the years, you might not like to remember how old you are becoming once your birthday reaches, however, this is your day when you are the central body of the day and everything goes around you.

What are your most memorable days? Are they any of the events listed here? Do let us know in the comments below!

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