Money Heist: Top 10 Most Iconic Characters in The Show Ranked

Money Heist is almost coming to an ending in what is expected to be the most dramatic endings of any crime drama in history. While it is tough on many fans who hoped to see more of The Professor and his gang, the end is inevitable and all that will remain are memories. Each character in the show has had a lot to offer which is why it is almost impossible to single out the one character who had the most impact on the show. It is still fair to say that some of the characters will last longer in our memories than others because of the impact they had in each part of the heist they were involved in and these 10 are the top 10 most impactful characters on the show.

Tokyo - Money Heist


You need the storyteller to be alive for you to know how the story actually ended but Tokyo is one interesting storyteller to follow. Despite showing a strong will to live and fight, death is never far away from her because of her sometimes-super-reckless decisions. Tokyo is still the character everyone looks up to when it comes to critical situations whether or not they are in El Professor’s plans. She is a natural leader who always works in everyone’s best interests. She may not be the best of planners nor lovers but she is definitely the best foot soldier in El Professor’s army and the entire heist ultimately depends on her.

Nairobi - Money Heist


Nairobi’s death was the last eventuality anyone could expect in La Casa De Papel. It was discovered that she had been in the original plans of the creators but her impact on the rest of the characters and the fans was phenomenal. Her presence always brought life to every scene with her contribution to each character being felt at every point while she lasted. She was also better at following the plan and working as a team. The best part about Nairobi is her ability to bring a positive vibe out of a bad situation. From having her son taken away from her to continuing to fight after being shot, Nairobi was one tough woman to keep down.

El Professor - Money Heist

El Professor

Now, on the surface, the fate of the show depends on The Professor but in reality, he doesn’t get as much say on how things turn out once his gang sets to work. He is still a smart leader and now one of the greatest criminal masterminds in TV history with many comparing him to Carlos the Jackal and Prison Break’s Michael Scofield. His ability to bring out the best of people in his team can’t be ignored either. He manages to keep one of the most volatile gangs ever together and always gives them a purpose. He always has plans for getting out of trouble and is very resourceful when it comes to other aspects of life despite seeming like a nerd in the first season.

Berlin - Money Heist


Berlin died after the first heist but the show wasn’t done with him and that has been made clearer by the revelation that the second heist was actually his grand plan. Berlin wasn’t the best of characters in the first season but as the show progressed, the flashbacks exposed more of him to the fans and it is incredible how resourceful he was. The professor is technically his student and none of the two heists would have happened without his input. Berlin could also read characters better than professor which is why his input in putting the gang together is the reason why it survived that long.

Lisbon - Money Heist


Who knew the inspector of police could turn into such a talented criminal! When she was inspector Raquel Murillo, Lisbon was nothing more than a vulnerable woman that answered the orders of her superiors and fell in love with the first nice guy she met in a restaurant. After meeting The Professor and getting a real eye-opener, she has turned into a great leader whose qualities almost rival those of the professor. It is fair to say that she makes a better robber than she did a police officer and is likely to be the reason why the second heist ends without everyone ending up dead. Her ability to turn crazy situations into opportunities is just amazing.

Helsinki - Money Heist


You just couldn’t help but laugh at Helsinki in the first season of Money Heist but you can’t hate him either. Helsinki just evokes this feeling of empathy and love towards him from everyone he meets because he is just so nice. He is also always focused on his job and tries his best not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Despite being heartbroken by Oslo and Nairobi’s death and Palermo’s emotional abuse, Helsinki always bounced back and kept the heist going.

Denver - Money Heist


His laughter is of course the most interesting thing about him but since becoming a father, fans have gotten to know another side of Denver that wasn’t there in the first season. Denver no longer follows and acts recklessly as he did when Moscow was there to hold his hand. He is now one of the key pieces in each of El Professor’s plans and is definitely vital in the fate of Stockholm and her son and by extension, the entire team.

Stockholm - Money Heist


Monica Gaztambide was just an obedient secretary who didn’t want much from life until her boss and lover denied his baby and she found love in the arms of a robber. Monica turned into Stockholm the moment she picked up the riffle to help the robbers escape the Royal Mint and has since turned into a badass shooter that will do anything to ensure that her son has a better life than she did.

Rio ​- Money Heist


Rio’s initial role as the smart IT kid in charge of hacking and keeping the gun connected while undetected was overshadowed in the second heist. His role in the ending of the show was also diminished after Tokyo broke up with him and he hasn’t had much of an impact in the direction of the second heist. His crooked smile is still amazing and he is probably the last man El Professor can trust to listen to him when everyone else rebels.

Arturo ​- Money Heist


After the first heist ended in the second season, fans didn’t expect to see Arturo again. The creators managed to find a spot for him in the Bank of Spain although he reappeared as a villain with tendencies that no one expected. After sexually assaulting a woman and inciting a riot that almost got everyone killed, it is a miracle that he is still alive. He was still an interesting character to follow in the first three seasons and might have some impact on how the show ends.

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