Ten of The Best Methods To Improve Your Memory

Ten of The Best Methods To Improve Your Memory

Everyone in this world wants sharp memory because sharpness of your memory is the main key towards success. There are many people in this world who are very hardworking, but due to weakness in their memory they feel difficulties to achieve their goals, For students memory plays important role in exams unless they are buying their essay papers online, So we have to strengthen our memory by some methods. Some people have specific techniques through which they facilitate their memory and learning of new information, these techniques are especially helpful for students in their exams and routine studies. There are many other methods too but we have the best methods to improve memory, these are as follows;

10.) Spaced Practice

Spaced practice generally is superior to masses practice. By improving concentration, three 20 minutes study sessions can produce more and better learning than one hour of continuous study, So you should try to study in short intervals with full concentration rather than continuously without concentration.

9.) Overlearning

Many studies indicate that memory is greatly improved when studying is continued beyond bare mastery, In other words, after you have learned the material well enough to remember it without error, you should continue to study the material, Over learning is your best insurance against going blank on a test because of anxiety.

8.) Attach Emotions

Attach emotions and feelings or link up with an event using mental pictures or visual imagery to enhance retention. One way is to simply imagine an unusual scene that includes the various elements you want to remember. For instance, on your way home, you have to shop for newspapers, notebooks, pens and shaving cream. To remember this list of items you have to make up a mental image of something funny and bizarre such as you opening up the front page of newspaper to find out a picture of a person reading a notebook with one hand and using a pen to wipe off the shaving cream on his face with the other hand, with everybody having a good laugh. We hardly ever forget what is emotionally significant in our lives, senior citizens continue to recall events of emotional significance even with their short-term memory is grossly impaired.

Ten of The Best Methods To Improve Your Memory

7.) Serial Position

Whenever you must learn something be aware of the serial position effect. This is the tendency to make most errors in remembering the middle of a list. If you are introduced to a long line of people, the names you are likely to forget will be those in the middle so you should make an extra effort to attend to them. The middle of a list Poem or speech should therefore be given special attention and extra practice.

6.) Review

Reviewing shortly before an examination is helpful, though one should avoid the tendency to memorize new information at that point. This review should however over an hour or so rather than spending the whole night prior to the exam.

5.) Organize

Assume that you must memorize the following list of words, north, man, red, spring, east, autumn, yellow, summer, boy, blue, best, winter, girl, green, south. This rather difficult list could be organized into Chunks as follows. North-east-south-west, spring-summer-autumn-winter, red-yellow-green-blue, man-women-boy-girl similarly making up stories using a long list of words to be memorised makes remembering the list much easier.

4.) Selection

The Dutch scholar Erasmus said that a good memory is like a fisherman’s net. It should keep all the big fish and let the little ones escape. If you boil down the paragraph in your textbooks to one or two important terms or ideas, you will find memorizing more manageable. Practice careful and selective marking in your textbooks and marginal notes to further summarize ideas. Most students mark their texts too much instead of too little. If everything is underlined, you have not been selective.

Ten of The Best Methods To Improve Your Memory

3.) Mnemonics

A mnemonic is any kind of memory system or aid. People demonstrating extraordinary feats with their memories are actually using mnemonics to perform this. The Mnemonics technique relies on the linking or association of to-be-remembered material with a systematic and organized set of images or words that are already firmly established in long-term memory and can therefore serve as retrieval cues. The basic principle in the formation of Mnemonics are;

  • Use mental pictures
  • Make things meaningful
  • Make information familiar
  • Form bizarre, unusual or exaggerated
  • Mental association

2.) Attention

A setting that enhances your focus while studying, and ensures minimal distraction will turn your attention to the memory job at hand. So attention is necessary for making your memory strong.

1.) Sleep

You are thinking while reading this that why sleep is at number 1 . All students are careless about their sleeping period. They don’t know that sleeping after studies is helpful and reduces the interferences. Similarly, breaks and free time in school are as important as the study period. Staying awake the whole night before your exam is after all not the smart thing to do. Keep that points in your mind and enjoy the growth of your memory.

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