Ten of The Best Makeup Tips For Summer

Ten of The Best Makeup Tips For Summer

In the summer you need to be careful of yourself even more than in the other seasons. Here are some of the basic things that one should remember while getting ready in thesummertime and wearing makeup so you are beach ready and beautiful…

1. Keep Protected

In summer basic thing is to protect your skin against the sun’s rays, so your skin would not get dark and it also helps against ageing as you maintain a fair skin tone over and above your skin does not shrivel. It is equally important to protect your skin by using a good moisturizer with an SPF factor of 15 or higher.

2. Get a Fresh Look

In the hot season foundation and powder are feels a little too heavy on your skin. To avoid this heavy feeling, you should try to go for a fresher and lighter look by toggling to a highlighted moisturizer and adding a little concealer.

3. Skin Tone Should Be Matched

During hot days to avoid a sweaty look you should opt for all the stuff that will make you look fresh. To show a fresh look on your face you can use bronzing powder that will allow you to look fresh instead of all worn down.

4. Remember to Highlight the Eyes

To accentuate your eyes you should settle on eye shadows that are lighter in colour, or have neutral shades. To bring your eyes to life, simply apply a touch of mascara and a slight eyeliner.

Ten of The Best Makeup Tips For Summer

5. Have Waterproof Makeup

All through the hot days of summer waterproof makeup is the only refuge to not bind to get sweaty. Running mascara is the worst thing to mess up your complete look. So it is extremely recommended that mascara has to be definitely waterproof.

6. Lip Care

To protect your lips from damage from sunrays, apply some lip balm or lip gloss. This will also keep them soft and supple.

7. Get the Right Complexion

During the summer season, select pastel or neutral tones like pink, pale yellow or mauve to apply colour to your face. Avoid wearing orange or black or any bright tones during summer because it will not look good on your face.

8. Highlight Your Cheeks

If in case you are not interested in using it on your skin for some reason, then in that case too there is no problem at all. In summer you can simply use the blush on if you don’t want to use tanning or bronzing powder. Apply it along your cheekbones to give them presence according to your face.

Ten of The Best Makeup Tips For Summer

9. Care for Your Toes

During summer keep your feet free from dry skin and cracked heels. Simply moisturize them on a regular basis to make them show soft and smooth.

10. Exfoliate

To prevent unnecessary damage, add exfoliating to your daily beauty routine. Exfoliating on a regular basis is a necessary step to keeping skin healthy and fresh throughout and after the summer season.

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