Ten of The Latest Peter Dinklage Movies After Game Of Thrones

Ten of The Latest Peter Dinklage Movies After Game Of Thrones

“I hate the word -Lucky. It cheapens a lot of hard work,” Peter Dinklage once said in an interview. Lucky would definitely be the last word you use when defining Peter Dinklage who has turned what many would consider a disability into his biggest asset. When Dinklage gives an interview or acts in a film, the first thing people see is a dwarf but giving him a listening ear and a little attention will reveal one of the most talented actors in Hollywood history. His role as Peter Dinklage did boost his popularity on the big screens and these 10 Movies are his best away from the hit show.

Cyrano: 2021

What do you do for a woman you love so much but who loves another and you can only love her from afar? Well, that is the place Cyrano de Bergerac, a powerful 19th-century poet and fencer found himself in at the hands of the beautiful Roxanne. The film was nominated for the best motion picture in the musical and comedy category while Peter Dinklage received a nomination for the best actor in the 79th Golden Globe Awards after the film made everyone’s Christmas in LA theatres in 2021. It is the best proof that Dinklage can be an outstanding romantic.

How To Become A Tyrant: 2021

“If you wanna make history, you need a message that stirs people’s souls,” goes one of the most prominent quotes from this documentary series. If you followed Game of Thrones closely, then you know that Peter Dinklage has a great voice and he isn’t a fan of tyrants. How to Become a Tyrant is a documentary that explores the rule of some of history’s worst dictators including Hitler and Gaddafi.

Three Billboards: 2017

Three Billboards: 2017

What can’t you say on a billboard? Well, in this case, the question should have been what can’t you say on a billboard because the words of Mildred, a grieving mother, on three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri cause a war that nearly brings the entire town down. It all starts when Mildred realizes that Bill Willoughby, the chief of police in the town of Ebbing wasn’t doing enough to catch the people that raped and killed her daughter and decided to air her cries on the three billboards. Peter Dinklage plays James. Mildred’s secret admirer can only love her from a distance and has to come in and save her from her stupidity.

Avengers Endgame: 2019

If there was any superhero in Game of Thrones, then Tyrion Lannister was his name and Peter Dinklage, his face. While he didn’t get to be king in Game of Thrones, he got the chance to play the powerful Dwarf King Eitri of the Svartalfheim who got the job of repairing Thor’s hammer. His stint in avengers, although short was heavily acclaimed by critics leading to his short reappearance in Avengers Endgame and the animated version of the series as well.

The Croods New Age: 2020

The Croods was one of 2020s most viewed films grossing $215 million against a budget of $65 million which was a huge win for the production. This film’s popularity was partly due to the introduction of bigger names including Peter Dinklage and Leslie Mann. The film follows the adventures of the Croods as they accompany Eep’s boyfriend Guy to find a place called Tomorrow as per his dead parents’ instruction. They find an enlightened family called the Betterman’s who have a history with Guy’s parents and their patriarch Phil has a very good idea where Tomorrow is. Well, Peter Dinklage is Phil Betterman.

State Of Mind/The Three Christs: 2017

State Of Mind/The Three Christs: 2017

The 2017 film did catch many hearts especially at a time when Peter Dinklage was at the peak of his GOT fame. The film is based on the non-fiction book The Three Christs of Ypsilanti by Milton Rokeach. It follows the story of three schizophrenic patients that believe that they are Jesus Christ who are all treated at the same psychiatric hospital by Dr Alan Stone played by Richard Gere. Peter Dinklage plays Joseph Cassel, the most vocal of the three christs. So, which of the three is the son of God?

Between Two Ferns: The Movie: 2019

This is another Netflix comedy movie that made headlines in 2019. It follows the story of Zach Galifianakis who hosts a Public Access Tv Show by the same name but the show is only popular because Zach is so bad at his job that he messes up interviews. An accident on the show that shows water leak onto the stage and nearly killing Zach and his guest show make the show popular and the channel decides to take it national. He meets more prominent actors including John Legend and Peter Dinklage and with each celebrity he hosts, he does something stupid that you can’t stop laughing about.

I Care A Lot: 2021

Marla Grayson, a con artist makes her money by swindling elderly people by taking guardianship over them, committing them to assisted living facilities and selling off their property. The film was Dinklage’s biggest after Cyrano in 2021 and won Rosamund Pike who plays Marla the Golden Globe. Dinklage plays Roman Lunyov, a Russian mob boss whose mother Marla unknowingly commits to assisted living and steals her property. Marla now has to face the wrath of the mob boss and the comedic war that ensues is just amazing.

The Boss: 2016

The Boss: 2016

Grossing in at $78 million against a budget of just $29 million, The Boss was one of 2016’s most profitable films co-written and starring Melissa McCarthy. It is nearly similar to I Care A Lot, except there is no one being killed in this case. McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, a rich CEO who is busted by authorities for insider trading and sent to jail. She gets out of prison to find herself homeless and with no money and her former assistant and her daughter are the only people willing to house her. Dinklage plays Renault, Michelle’s former partner but now rival who was responsible for handing her over to the authorities but still has feelings for her.

My Dinner with Herve’: 2018

This is the story of Harve’ Villechaize in his latter days before the prominent actor died. The story starts with Danny Tate, a struggling journalist and recovering alcoholic being sent to LA to interview Harve who is then known as the most famous dwarf in the world. Tate gets to hear Harve’s story about how he made a breakthrough into the film industry but how he personally has struggled as his mother was not accepting of his success and his marriage is not exactly a happy one. The two men realize that their worlds are collapsing and the actor helps the journalist rediscover his will to live.

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