Ten Julia Garner Movies and TV-Shows To Watch If You Loved Ozark

Ten Julia Garner Movies and TV-Shows To Watch If You Loved Ozark

2020 was a tough year for the film industry and Julia Garner winning the Emmy for her performance in Ozark was one of the most memorable moments for the industry in both 2020 and 2021. She has been acclaimed as one of the best upcoming actors in the US for decades and Ozark has helped her reach the limelight. Garner Has been in the industry for a long time and whenever she is on set, you can feel the passion she brings even in some of the lowest grossing films she has been part of. Her no-nonsense face is her biggest selling point which is why Ozark fans will love to see more of her in these ten recent movies and TV shows.

Inventing Anna: 2022

Anna Sorokin has gone down as one of the smartest fraudsters in New York history despite having spent four years in prison and being deported from the US to Germany in 2021. Her story reads close to that of Charles Ponzi but on a smaller scale because she didn’t become a billionaire while at it. Netflix has made a show from her life story and it is expected to be Netflix’s greatest true-life story drama show in 2022 and Julia Garner will be the face of the show as she plays Anna Sorokin.

Modern Love:2019

Ruth Langmore’s love story in Ozark ended badly which is why most fans won’t look at Julia Garner as a great romantic, but this comedy is a totally different story. Millions of love stories play out in New York on every given day. Modern love is based on different types of love stories in New York city varying from familial, romantic and self-love expressed through some of the best actors and Julia Garner plays Maddy, a girl that takes a liking to Peter an AI engineer that reminds her so much about her father but is later disappointed when he tries to make their relationship romantic.

Ten Julia Garner Movies and TV-Shows To Watch If You Loved Ozark

The Assistant:2019

This is another film on what life in New York looks like but this time around, it is from the eyes of a junior assistant in a film production company. Her boss harasses junior female employees sexually and no one in the company seems to care. When Jane (Julia Garner) takes a step to file a complaint after the company hires another junior assistant that the boss is obviously planning to harass, the HR turns her into the bad guy and her day in office only gets worse.

Dirty John:2018

This true-crime drama rocked the screens in 2019 and 2020 mostly because it was truly relatable and Julia Garner won a nomination for an award for her performance as well. The first season in which Julia Garner played Terra Newell follows the life of Debra Newell after she met a seemingly handsome and charming John Meehan on a dating site. It turns out that John is a con man out to swindle unsuspecting single women off their wealth.


Owen Milgrim is a patient of schizophrenia whose world is turned upside down when he refuses to help give a false alibi and protect his brother Jedi from a sexual assault case. After losing his job and the protection of his family’s wealth, he signs up for a trial treatment with Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech which promises to cure all types of disorders. While on treatment, Owen is connected to Anne Landsberg. Each episode of the series follows an event where the two enter each other’s dreams and it is acted out in various scenes from being CIA agents to family reconciliation. Garner plays Ellie Landberg, Anne’s sister who features in most of Anne’s visions and therefore one of the most important characters of the show.

Tomato Red: 2017

Tomato Red: 2017

Sammy is a small-time criminal who finds himself living in a trailer in a small town in Canada after being released from prison. His life turns around the day he meets the Merridew siblings who specialize in breaking into rich people’s homes, stealing compromising information and then blackmailing them. Things get out of hand when someone kills Jason Merridew and now Sammy has to find justice for the family especially now that he is in love with Jamalee Merridew. Well, Julia Garner plays Jamalee.

One Percent Humid: 2017

To everyone else in a town in New England, Catherine and Iris are just two childhood friends enjoying their summer after finishing college. The two childhood friends are haunted by the dark memory of their friend’s death that they both feel guilty for. They each try their chances at reviving old relationships but they find it impossible to make anything tangible with their lives as the ghosts of the past won’t go away unless they face them. Julia Garner plays Catherine and received positive reviews from critics for her performance.

The Americans: 2013-2018

This is one of the best Cold War spy dramas ever made. The drama follows the lives of the Soviet Spy couple Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as they try to enforce the commands of the KGB in the US. The drama is so intense as it explores the events in the KGB and CIA offices in Washington in the 80s and also the counterintelligence department of the FBI. Julia Garner plays Kimberly Breland, the daughter of the CIA head for the mission in Afghanistan and later becomes the leader of the Soviet group which puts her in the heart of the action.

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away: 2017

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away: 2017

“Better ta walk in the same direction?” Rola asks. “It’s better than walking in circles.” Lernet replies. Julia Garner plays Rola, a lady with very little knowledge of survival skills who meets Lernet and his unresponsive robot head trapped in a harsh desert with no sign of life in the vicinity. They make a team as they traverse the harsh desert trying to avoid death by thirst and starvation and bonding over the knowledge of each other’s memories.

WACO: 2018

The 1993 standoff between the FBI and the Branch Davidians remains one of the biggest stains on the reputation of the FBI in history. The 2018 series replays the 51-day drama from the viewpoints of different people involved and affected directly by the massacre. Julia Garner was one of the biggest names of the series as she played Michelle Jones.

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