10 Japanese Inspired Ideas For Your Wall Murals

10 Japanese Inspired Ideas For Your Wall Murals

Are you looking for inspiration for your next wall murals project? Do you want something unique and timeless? Japanese-inspired wallpaper might be what you need to get started. From majestic birds to calligraphy to flowers, the possibilities are endless and suitable for every space; whether you want to create a Zen working space or a motivational workspace, there is something for everyone. Here are 10 of our favourite designs…


Bamboos are a symbol of good luck in Japan. The famous Sagano bamboo forest creates a fantastic view that translates into great art.

Cherry blossoms

Nothing says Japanese than its famous cherry blossoms. Their vivid colour can give your space a colourful, elegant look. This beautiful design pairs well with bright furniture and décor items.

Geisha and samurai

Samurai warriors and beautiful, elegant Geishas are a timeless theme. Create a space that showcases the history of these famous Japanese characters

Tokyo modern architecture

Tokyo has some of the most innovative and modern architecture. This theme is great to try out if you want a contemporary feel to inspire your travelling spirit.

10 Japanese Inspired Ideas For Your Wall Murals

Japanese landscapes

If you have visited Japan or admired their beautiful landscapes, immortalize them in your wallpaper design. There is plenty to choose from, from the majestic Mount Fuji, and the lavender fields, to the temple in Kyoto.

Zen murals

These are great for a meditation room or any serene room. This theme incorporates symbols and tranquil sceneries such as Zen gardens and the yin and yang symbols in your mural.


Japandi is Scandinavian functional art fused with Japanese minimalist art. This combination creates a unique creation of bright spaces, clean lines, and light colours.

Pink Magnolia

These bright flowers will brighten any room and give your space an exotic chic look. They inspire warmth and freshness.

10 Japanese Inspired Ideas For Your Wall Murals

Japanese crane

These majestic birds, known for their red crowns and snow-white father with black accents, symbolize longevity, luck, and fidelity. They are elegant and graceful and would give your wall a unique look.

Shuji Calligraphy

Shuji is a type of artistic writing in the Japanese language; it’s an old practice that produces beautiful artwork that would be ideal for a mural.

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