Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Butterfly

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Butterfly

Butterflies with magnificent patterns are already a pretty interesting creature, which starts life as a caterpillar and continues as a pupa. Sadly they only live for a short while, so we will have to hurry up with these ten amazing and interesting facts about them…

Some Are Poisonous!

There are poisonous butterflies in nature. Known as the monarch butterfly, it can be dangerous prey for butterfly-eating birds, lizards, etc., as it feeds on poisonous silkweed plants.

Some Stink!

Some types of butterflies smell very bad, just like skunks. For example, the zebra swallowtail species can be protected from hungry animals thanks to the bad smell it secretes.

Some Are Tiny!

There are very small species of butterflies. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s smallest butterfly species is the Grass Blue butterfly.

Some Are Aggressive!

There are also butterfly species that are aggressive. The green-veined pasha butterfly species living in Africa is the most aggressive species known.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Butterfly

Some Wear Camouflage

There are species that have the ability to camouflage. The Malaysian leaf blade species can hide itself by adapting to its environment. When not flying, it can be camouflaged by collecting its wings.

Their Tounge is in Their Freet!

They taste their food with the receptors on their feet. Although they are not picky about food, they can tell how sweet they are by the plumage of a peach they land on.

Metamorphosis is Still a Mystery

It is one of nature’s most mysterious creatures. What begins as a caterpillar continues as a pupa and ends as a butterfly with magnificent patterns.

Room Temperature

In order for a butterfly to fly, it must have an ideal body temperature. A temperature between 15-40 degrees is ideal for a butterfly. Butterflies can sunbathe to increase their body temperature.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Butterfly

They Can Be Quite Large

There are large-scale butterfly species, perhaps larger than you’ve ever seen. The largest butterfly species in the world are giant wing butterflies. Wing lengths are around 30 cm.

There Are Lots of Them

According to scientists, there are approximately 20,000 species of butterflies in the world. Butterflies can live on all continents except Antarctica.

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