Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Bees

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Bees

Did you know that if bees were to die out, the human lifespan expectancy would be as little as 4 years? This saying belongs to the famous physicist Einstein! These miracle animals, which are of great importance to humanity help every plant they walk around to multiply and thus meet the needs of human beings. So it is obvious to me that we need to do some research about bees and become more conscious of their importance. This awareness will help us to understand that bees are not small insects, but sacred creatures with vital importance for the continuation of life…

A Mini City

A honeybee colony consists of a queen bee, several hundred drones, and between 10,000 and 80,000 worker bees.

No Foreigners…Unless…

The foreign bee entering the hive is recognized and killed, but some “Drifting” bees that wander into a neighbouring hive may be allowed to stay – if the guard bees see fit. The bee guards check out chemical cues on the newcomer – typically hydrocarbons – that depend on hive-specific genetic factors and comb wax.

Feed The Queen

Queen bees grow faster than worker bees. This is because the queen bees are fed royal jelly in their honeycomb cells, so it takes 16 days to become an adult queen bee.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Bees

Males Don’t Sting

Male bees are larger than females. Male bees do not have stingers. Their only job is to fertilize the queen bee.

A Busy Bee Indeed

A honey bee collects pollen from 50-100 flowers in each flight. It can reach a speed of 24 km/h on this ride.

It Takes a Lot of Bees Per Drop

40,000 bees need to collect pollen from 6,000,000 flowers in order to produce 1 kilogram of honey.

Long Distance Travel

In order for a bee to produce 2 tablespoons of honey, it must travel a distance equal to the circumference of the Earth.

Yes, Bees See Colour

Bees can see colour to an extent, but their vision is different from human colour vision. They can distinguish between green, blue, and ultraviolet light, but they can’t distinguish red from black.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Bees

The Buzz of The Wings

Honey bees beat their wings 11,400 times per minute. This is the reason for the bee buzz. If you are a professional camera owner, you can clearly view the wings of a flying bee.

The Queens Birthday

Queen bees can live up to 4 years. Although the lifespan of worker bees varies depending on seasonal conditions, it is around 2-3 months at the most.

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