Ten Tips for Improving Your Brain Power

Ten Tips for Improving Your Brain Power

Brainpower – yes, we all want to increase it. Hardly anyone is there who does not want the increase in brainpower. We often witness scenarios when we land in a situation where we find ourselves forgetting things. There are many ways to sharpen our memory and they are really workable ways to increase our memory. One should adopt them and carry out them to get Improve Brain Power and all you have to do is follow these ten tips…

10 – Pumping Up the Hippocampus

Cardio exercises are great for brain power as well though they strengthen the heart as well. Regular cardio exercises happen to be a great stress-reducing activity. They enhance the flow of blood, strengthen the connections between the cells of the brain and then increase the neurons.

9 – Learning the Word Neurobics

This one is called the brain cells’ exercise. It involves sensory stimulation which secrets the molecules called neurotrophins and it enhances the cell’s health. You need to engage the senses which you normally do not use as a daily routine. Also taking a different route to work too is great for mental health.

8 – Jumping Jacks for Your Brain

You can really and aptly enhance and develop your cognitive function and lessen the chances of the development of your mental illness like dementia by just stimulating the mind. The fact remains that the brain needs change in addition to new challenges to stay sharp. Thus you need to tap into your creative senses plus learning the latest hobbies or beginning newer activities will bring power to your brain.

7 – Sound Sleep

Taking a sound sleep daily is required for the power of the brain. When the body does not get enough sleep daily, the brain starts struggling with concentration, alertness, learning abilities and memory. By the time one is asleep, the brain cells begin getting the chance of rebuilding and repairing themselves. Thus it is required to get sound sleep daily i.e. 7-8 hours.

6 – Good Laughter

We have been hearing that laughter is the best therapy and it is much needed for good health. It is also necessary for the brain’s health. It lessens stress and keeps on relaxing the arteries by reducing the cholesterol level in the body.

Ten Tips for Improving Your Brain Power

5 – Socializing Improve the Brain’s Power

For your brain power enhancement, socializing proves to be another good asset. The ones with larger social networks are the ones with healthy and powerful brains. Start mingling with people and joining in social networks to strengthen your brain power.

4 – Drinking – Red Wine

It is said that red wine proves to be another source for strengthening brain power. It is said that red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, a compound churned out to fight disease. But remember, more quantity of wine destroys health therefore take little consume like a couple of drinks for men and one drink for women per day.

3 – Proper Diet

A good diet plan is necessary for mental health. Often we go for improper diet and this brings in the destruction in our health. Therefore you need to go with a proper diet plan to be healthy and make your brain healthy as well such as the consumption of Omega-3 fats, folate, B vitamins and vitamins C and E together.

2 – Specific Foods

Remember, eating certain types of foods will bring good health for the sharpness of your brain. You need to lessen your saturated fat consumption which can be traced in red meats. You need to follow a Mediterranean-style diet like fresh fruit, fish and vegetables.

1 – Meditation Improve the Brain’s Power

Mediation is required for good brain power. Just go for at least 15 minutes of meditation a day if you really want to reap the benefits of meditation that reduces cortisol in the brain. These are better known as stress hormones.

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