Ten Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Ten Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Halloween is a great deal of fun and more so if you throw a Halloween party. The kind of Halloween party you throw can be extremely cute or very spooky. Most children love the super cute almost spooky Halloween parties. It’s the adults that tend to enjoy the extremely spooky parties. Check out these top 10 Halloween party ideas for adults…

Zombie Apocalypse Party

There are so many ways to make a zombie Halloween party scary. You can have everything from light-up zombie heads, to fake brains and dangerous zombie yard signs. Decorations for the wall are very easy to find. Some other ideas include crawling monster hands, keep-out tape and draping fabric throughout the hose. One of the biggest reasons as to why zombie Halloween parties are so popular right now is because of The Walking Dead TV Series.

Extremely Scary Halloween Carnival Party

Carnivals aren’t just for kids. There are many adults who love carnivals but even more so when they are extremely scary. Put on a Halloween freak show at the carnival. The entrance of the circus could be completely scary. Don’t forget to include some scary-looking clowns. You can have some evil clown skeletons hanging throughout the room, bloody gauze drapes, red light bulbs, realistic black rats, you can also have bats flying around and spiders hanging down.

Day of the Dead Halloween Party

Have a completely wicked Halloween Day of the Dead party. You can have tombstones around the house, skulls for decorations, fiesta serape’s, skeletons, skull pitchers, candy buffet, altars, a green brew in the middle of a table and you can mix in bright colours or keep it all black.

Ten Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Adult Halloween Haunted House Party

If you have an adult Halloween haunted house party there are so many things that you can do for this theme. You can have ghosts flying around, spooky noises throughout the house, scary portraits, a fringe over the mantel, the table cover could be black and shredded, the porch could look dreary, you can have fake bloody roses throughout the house, light up skull candles, cemetery fences, spider webs, rats and I could go on and on with all of the things that you can have at a haunted house party. If you still need some more ideas, I recommend watching some scary movies that involve haunted houses such as The House on the Haunted Hill.

Asylum Party

Let them be the crazy ones for not joining in on the fun at an asylum party! Completely terrorize the entire neighbourhood with this idea. Hang fake bloody body parts in front of your home, have mummies tied up on your chairs, dress up as a nurse or doctor covered in blood and put metal link chains throughout the house. The decal is easy because all you need to do is put dripping blood on the walls and splatter it to make it look very scary.

Black & Bone Halloween party

Go completely gothic for Halloween this year. Have nothing but dark and scary foods out on a black tablecloth. The décor can be gothic. There can be red and black dripping candles, skulls, gothic music in the background and black curtains throughout the house. Spider webs can be added on the stairs.

Wicked Halloween Bling Adult Party

This might not sound very scary at first but you can make it completely scary and for the adults only. Add a lot of black bling to the candy bar and skeletons. Dress up as a witch but put some bling on. Only people with some bling can enter. Bling makes it look spooky but really adds a lot of fun to it. You can also find cool Halloween bling pumpkins to put on your porch or inside your home.

Scary Adult Disney Halloween Party

Dress up as your favourite scary Disney character and surround the house with terrifying Disney characters. This might not sound like an adult party at first but you can turn it into one fast. You can have a maleficent dessert table with some adult food items on it and a witch’s brew to drink and there are plenty of adult Halloween games that you can do to make it even more fun.

Ten Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Adult Halloween Vampire Party

Zombies better watch out for the vampires this year. Like with zombies, there are many things that you can do to make a vampire party adult-themed. You can find spooky adult crafts to put up, have red and black decorations around your house and of course have the coffins put in a special room for you to sleep in once the party is done. Don’t forget your fangs!

Crime Scene Halloween Adult Party

This is one type of Halloween party that can be a lot of fun to do! Gather up the scientists together and get ready to investigate some of the crime scenes that they might see at your adult party. Don’t forget to include the cocktails. If you want some decoration ideas for this type of party you can put up do not enter tape, skeletons, and mummies and don’t forget the tombstones. You can even have fake body parts around the home to make it look extremely scary.


You can turn almost any Halloween party idea into an adult party just by changing the decorations and food. Just remember that you must be 21 years of age and older to have a drink at any Halloween adult party. Have a spooktacular time!

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