Ten Amazing Hacks You Can Pull Off with Honey Other Than Eating

Ten Amazing Hacks You Can Pull Off with Honey Other Than Eating

Honey has been around long before the dawn of civilization and humans risked their lives for millennia trying to harvest it from wild hives because they considered it essential for survival. Over the centuries, more uses have been discovered for this golden nectar extract other than food. When making your grocery list of essentials, it is important to buy honey even if you don’t like its taste on your bread, pastries and other foods because honey is a lifesaver in many other ways. Here are 10 interesting hacks you can pull off with honey that don’t involve eating it. 

Use It To Treat Cuts

You should still get a disinfectant and antibiotics when you have nasty cuts at home but if you don’t have any available, hone can come in handy in the short term. You just need a few drops on the area of the cut after cleaning up with disinfectant and a clean wet cloth. You should then bandage the area and let hone’s anti-microbial properties get to work.

Wash Your Hair

There are lots of things rumoured to help hair grow more vibrantly and become shinier and honey is one of them. For some reason, honey acts as hair food especially when used to wash a baby’s hair. Some people mix it with rice water or coconut milk and warm water. Whichever ingredients you use, add two to three tablespoons of honey and wash your hair thoroughly before rinsing it with shampoo. The results will be a new shine in your hair and a silky wave that you will enjoy.

Soothe Coughs

Hard coughs tend to irritate the throat and it can get painful if it goes on for over 24 hours. While honey is not the medicine for coughs, it will help prevent yours from becoming painful and also reduce irritation. You can add it to a cup of water or lemonade or even ginger tea and drink as frequently as you can. You will realize that it eases your coughs and even reduces their frequency as it soothes the irritation in the throat.

Make A Bath

Make A Bath

Having a honey bath is one of the oldest practices in the world with historical figures such as Cleopatra said to have enjoyed a bath of milk, wine and even honey. Honey helps smooth your skin and is also believed to relieve tension in muscles and treat anxiety. You don’t have to make a whole bath full of honey, just add three to five tablespoons to your regular bath and dip yourself in the nectar.

Soothe Insect Bites

For some reason, the insect stings in this case include bee stings. You can also apply a little honey on boils and rashes to prevent them from getting infected and painful. Honey works best with mosquito bites; especially for people whose bites get frequently infected. You just need to apply a little honey on the affected area and let it do its job.

Treat Acne And Pimples

Honey can help bring the glow back to your skin after a sunburn or when you are struggling with acne and pimples. Just like it does with bites, it will help reduce the soreness and irritation which allows pimples to go away without leaving black spots behind. It Won’t work immediately so you have to be consistent for a few days before you see the results. When you decide to exfoliate your skin, you can also apply honey alongside your face cream and watch the glow return.

Soothe Burns

Once again, you shouldn’t ignore medication because you applied honey to a burn but it can help you soothe the pain and prevent infection. Just apply a few drops of honey enough to cover the burn wound and spread it evenly before bandaging. You should then seek medication afterwards if the burns are severe because honey is not enough on its own to reverse burns.

Ten Amazing Hacks You Can Pull Off with Honey Other Than Eating

Make A Lip Balm

If you struggle with dry and cracked lips, honey may help you sort it out. Hone acts as a mild exfoliator that will help remove flakes from your lips to rejuvenate them. Honey also moisturizes your lips preventing dryness and cracking. You can just apply it like your regular lip balm.

Treat Nausea

Honey and ginger are the two most recommended natural remedies for nausea that won’t go away. You still need medication for the root cause of nausea but making a little ginger tea and adding a few drops of honey will help you keep some food down.

Soothe Sore Feet And Joints

Are you getting sore feet and joints after exercise? Then it may be high time you had a little honey scrub. You should make a solution using warm water and honey and you can also add some almond milk in there and dip your feet inside and also use it to rub your sore joints. It helps soothe the soreness and you should feel better after a couple of hours.

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