Ten Gift Wrapping Tips You Need to Learn Before Christmas Time

Do you struggle to wrap all the gifts you have brought? Maybe you get someone else to do it! Or maybe you just don’t know these tips you are about to read. If there is one thing I am not very good at it is wrapping presents. How on earth are you supposed to wrap up a bottle without making it look like it is nothing more than a bottle? And don’t even start me on the stupid shapes some toys are, it’s utterly ridiculous. I’m not saying any of these tips will turn you into a master present wrapper, but they might save you a little bit of time and effort…

Gift Wrapped Helicopter

Buy Ahead of Time

We might not have much money left, but after the Christmas sales are the best time to buy all that wrapping paper and trimmings for the year ahead! This also works with most season things like Easter and Valentine’s day.

Gift Wrapped Toilet

Use Those Tools!

If you want the presents to look as professionally wrapped as possible why not Use a T-square! It might sound silly, but it will help make perfectly straight cuts across wide strips of wrapping paper.

Gift Wrapped Cat

Odd Shapes

Is that present just too strange a shape to wrap? Then why not place it inside another larger box for an easier life, and if you have kept the boxes from the previous year this will be a great use of them!

Gift Wrapped Office

Tag Free

Don’t like using tags? Well, why not assign each family member and friend a different colour wrapping paper!  This also doubles up as a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents, just keep it a secret which colour is for who until the big day for extra fun!

Gift Wrapped Bike

Never Waste Wrapping Paper

If you have some loose bits of wrapping paper that are too random or small why not run them through a shredder and use the strips as ribbons for decorating gift boxes or bags.

Gift Wrapped Bedroom

Keep Those Bits Handy

Here is a great little tip, if you’re working in a smaller space why not make your life easier by attaching all the ribbons, tags and loose bits of wrapping paper to a peg/pinboard! It will not only keep them all within reach but keep things together and tidy!

Gift Wrapped Car

Reuse, Recycle

If you are not willing to go as far as keeping the wrapping paper from the previous year, why not just use the decorations! Bows, ribbons, tags you can re-use them all!

Gift Wrapped Drill

A Line is a Line!

No ruler at hand for those straight lines? Then use anything that is straight! A dinner tray, DVD case, an old cupboard draw, just about anything can be used if it is straight!

Gift Wrapped Teddy Bear

Safe Surface

If you are using scissors or a craft knife why not wrap those presents on a chopping board?! It will protect surfaces like your table and as a side bonus, it will keep the blades from dulling!

Gift Wrapped Frying pan

Pizza Presents

If like me you are useless with scissors, why not use a pizza cutter! As long as it is sharp it will cut through the paper in double-quick time.

Do you have any other gift wrapping tips? If you do why not tell us about them in the comments below.


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