Ten Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Ten Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Our skin consists of three layers; the outer epidermis, the middle dermis and the deepest hypodermic layers. The stretch marks usually occur as a result of abnormalities or issues in the dermis layer of the skin. These days women and men are equally worried about the stretch marks on their skin, which ultimately result in the weakening of the skin cells, its dull and odd look as well as lesser flexibility in severe environmental conditions. Pollution, restlessness, lesser sleep, unhealthy and oily diets—all these are the factors behind increasing the stretch marks on our skin. Here are the ten simple ways to get rid of stretch marks…

10. Massage Of Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is a rich and highly nutritious diet. It is not only included in our daily eating plans but also is quite effective for removing stretch marks. The tomato juice can be had either from the markets or can extract it at home. Massage your skin twice a week with tomato juice and its refreshing ingredients will help you have shiny and wonderful skin.

9. Potato Slices

Potato is a lovely and favourite vegetable of all of us. The potato slices can be applied to the body parts where stretch marks are present. Cut the potato into four to five thin and equal-sized slices and put the pieces onto your damaged skin parts. Let it remain as such for half an hour and then wash your face/arms. Repeating the process thrice a week will be fruitful for removing stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Massage

8. Aloe Vera Massage

Just like the tomato juice massage, the aloe vera massage can be quite effective. How to do it is quite simple, take the fresh aloe vera and extract their oil at home. Once you have the oil with you, start massaging onto your face, arms and feet with it and make sure you are doing the process before going to bed at night. Repetition of the same massage once in a week will help you have refreshing skin.

7. White Sugar Remedies

Natural white sugar is also ideal for your skin stretches. Mix the white sugar in raw form in lemon juice and apply it to the marks, wherever they are present. Believe me, if you do this process four times a week every night your marks will start disappearing in a couple of weeks.

6. Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is an artificial way of getting rid of stretch marks. This is done by individuals whose problem has gotten very serious. In this procedure, the portions of your body having stretch marks are exposed to minor radioactive ways four times a month. The process keeps on continuing until all your marks are gone.

5. Laser Therapy

Just like radiotherapy, laser therapy is also a medicated treatment for getting rid of stretch marks. In laser therapy, your damaged skin portions are dealt with laser and the process is repeated twice a day. Laser therapy treatment is quite effective in lightening your skin marks, dark spots and blackheads. In a couple of months, you’ll see the difference. The process of laser therapy, however, accompanies some drawbacks, such as the killing of healthy skin cells, thus it is lesser preferred by skincare experts.

Milky Massage

4. Milky Massage

Milky massage is a natural massage procedure, which involves mixing up a few teaspoons of milk with lemon juice and putting the mixture onto your stretch marks. Let the material be there onto your skin for half an hour or even more, and then wash your face with fresh water and quality face wash. The regularity of this way will definitely help you get rid of stretch marks in a few weeks.

3. Natural Antioxidants

The natural antioxidants are helpful in nourishing your skin. The cells of the skin remain tightened and in healthy form. You need to apply these antioxidants onto your stretch marks just like you use a moisturizing cream. Twice a day, once at the morning time and once before going to bed every night, will be quite ideal indeed. These antioxidants can be had from the markets in packed form, but take care of the brand and product quality.

2. Castor oil

Castor oil is a natural product and you can have it easily from a cosmetic shop. This is quite effective in helping you get rid of anti-ageing problems, dark spots and stretch marks. Apply the castor oil onto your skin with the help of your fingers. Make sure the oil has been applied thoroughly onto all the parts of the skin and nothing is left. The regular massage of castor oil can lead you have glowing and wonderful skin in few weeks only. It is equally effective for both new and old stretch marks.

Egg Whites

1. Egg Whites

Egg whites are pure forms of proteins, which means they will nourish your skin internally and keep your epidermis and dermis cells healthy and active. You can intake egg whites with every breakfast. The sugar and blood pressure patients shouldn’t have too many egg whites as it can increase their disease problem. All those who don’t have such health issues can intake two to three eggs whites for their breakfast.

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