Ten Of The Most Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

Ten Of The Most Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

If you’re looking to add some delightful scents to your garden, there are several fragrant plants you can choose from. Here are ten of the most fragrant plants for your garden that you may want to consider:


Also known as bee balm, this plant features beautiful flowers that attract various pollinators. It has a minty fragrance and flavour that is sure to delight your senses.

Navajo Sunset

This plant is one of the most beautifully scented plants. It has a super-sweet orange and mint fragrance that is simply amazing.

Golden Jubilee

With its bright golden colour and sweet liquorice flavour and scent, this plant is a must-have for any garden.

Mikoshi Ona

This garden showstopper is related to common tobacco but has a sweet perfume that fills the air each evening.

Violet Queen Salvia

This lavender sage produces an abundant supply of lovely lavender-coloured flower spikes that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds with its sweet scent.

Ten Of The Most Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

Lemon Basil

This spicy lemony basil has all the fragrance of a lemon grove, making it a great choice for Asian cooking.

Anise Hyssop

Also known as liquorice mint, this plant has a sweet flavour in tea and a liquorice taste and fragrance. It’s easy to grow and a pollinator all-star.

Rose Mint

This lovely plant will take you back to your grandmother’s rose garden with its amazing rose-like fragrance. A few leaves under your pillow will give you an amazing night’s sleep.

Ten Of The Most Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

Blue Spice Basil

This strongly perfumed plant has a sweet, spicy, and perfumey scent that is popular for tea. It’s loaded with lovely bugs and can be smelled throughout the garden.

Chocolate Cosmos

This rare plant is believed to be extinct in its native Mexico, but it has been preserved by home gardeners who love the stunning chocolate black blooms that actually smell like chocolate. They remind many of Tootsie Roll candy.

Adding fragrant plants to your garden can provide a feast for the senses. The above list of ten fragrant plants can be a great starting point for any gardener looking to create a beautiful and fragrant garden. So, go ahead and add some of these fragrant plants to your garden today and enjoy the delightful scents they bring!

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