Ten Flowers And Their Meanings for Different Occasions

For many years, flowers have been used to express feelings that cannot easily be conveyed with words. Whether it is love, friendship or emotions of sadness and sympathy, the bright and colourful petals can communicate both the happiest and saddest thoughts with utmost sincerity and ease.

Although each variety of flowers possesses its own beauty, each bloom also contains a significant meaning. Some flowers can better show deep admiration and love, while some suggest sorrow and grief. If you are planning to give a stem to someone, you must always be aware of the meaning that it conveys. To help you understand and learn more about flowers and their meanings, here is a top ten list of popular flowers for different occasions:


10. Chrysanthemum

A cluster of chrysanthemumsThe bright and lively yellow blossoms of chrysanthemums are certainly a sight to behold. In fact, the term chrysanthemum comes from the Greek word “chrysos,” which means golden and “anthemion,” which translates to flower.

The chrysanthemum is a favourite in countries such as Korea, China, Canada, France and Poland. In Japan, a celebration called the Festival of Happiness is held every year to honour this lovely flower. Because of its beautiful, golden, crown-like head, the flowering chrysanthemum often suggests cheerfulness and innocence.


9. Snapdragons

Snapdragons in my gardenAntirrhinum, more popularly referred to as snapdragons, is a common sight in many gardens. This flower earned the name snapdragon primarily because it resembles the face of a dragon when it is squeezed.

If you like someone but you just can’t seem to express it through words, perhaps you can give the person a bunch of beautiful and freshly picked snapdragons. In floriography, the language of flowers, giving someone a snapdragon is a way to express your desire.

Cherry Blossoms

8. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DCIf you have been to Japan, you are probably aware of just how beautiful cherry blossoms are. In the fall, you will be amazed at the grace and elegance of this flower as it is blown gently by the wind. The soft pink colours of cherry blossoms have inspired many songs and poems about their beauty.

Cherry blossoms vary in meaning. In China, this flower symbolizes feminine beauty. It also represents the beauty as well as the etherealness of nature. In Japan, cherry blossoms are seen as the transience of life. Fallen blooms are also used to represent the fallen and brave warriors and samurais who died on the battlefield. During World War II, this type of flower was often used by Japanese pilots, specifically those who belonged to the kamikaze units.


7. Daffodil

“Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and grey. Look out on a summer’s day, with eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodils. Catch the breeze and the winter chills in colours on the snowy linen land”.

The beautiful colour of DaffodilThis popular song, sung by Don McLean, mentions the lovely daffodils painted by Van Gogh. Similar to what the song suggests, daffodils are indeed lovely flowers worthy of being captured in the colours of artists like Van Gogh. Although the blazing yellow colour of this flower shows much beauty, it also symbolizes uncertainty and unrequited love.


6. Geranium

The CranesbillsGeraniums, or crane’s bill, are another popular flower. The wonderful purple colour of its petals is visible and truly adds a splash of colour and life to a bouquet. In the language of flowers, geraniums mean being gentle.


5. Sunflower

Brighten someone’s day by giving them a bright yellow bouquet of sunflowers! Like the bright summer sun, the golden bloom of a sunflower can easily lift your spirit.

SunflowerSunflowers are wonderful blossoms that you can give on almost any occasion. This type of flower connotes joy and cheerfulness. Sunflowers are perfect to give to a friend who is sick or to someone who has had a bad day. Were you invited to a lovely afternoon party? Perhaps you can thank the hosts by giving them a bunch of sunflowers to decorate the dining table.


4. Carnation

According to folklore, carnation first sprung up when The Virgin Mary shed tears upon seeing Jesus carrying the cross. From then on, this flower is often associated with a mother’s love. It is given during special occasions, such as birthdays or Mother’s day. However, the beautiful ruffled petals of carnations are also used to symbolize many other things.

A Carnation cultivarThe carnation flower is typically used to express love, admiration and distinction. Red blooms stand for admiration, while a deep red carnation represents affection and desire. White carnations, on the other hand, indicate good luck as well as pure love. Giving someone a striped blossom symbolizes the regret that a love cannot be given back or shared. In countries like France, carnations are given as funeral flowers. In Ireland, a green variant is usually given during St. Patrick’s Day.


3. Lily

The large and exquisite features of the lily explain why this flower is a popular choice for special events. An Orange LilyIn many parts of the world, lilies are often used to symbolize life and resurrection. This is one reason they are often given during wakes and funerals. The orange and white varieties are often arranged with other flowers like violet and are usually given as sympathy flowers.


2. Tulip

Did you know that this flower almost caused millions of people to go bankrupt at one point in history? The most favourite flower during the first part of the 17th century, many people in the Netherlands exchanged their money, livestock and even their most valuable possessions just to get hold of this flower. The flowers were sold on the market and were seen as a status symbol as well as a coveted luxury item. During that time, the striped tulip was very popular. In fact, it was marketed as a rare species.

Tulip prices continued to skyrocket, which eventually caused the demand to go down. Many businessmen and people who bought tulips lost almost all their money! Later, people found out that the striped variant was in fact, infected by a virus. Although tulips are now seen as mere flower, it still holds a distinct beauty that is used to symbolize love.


1. Rose

The Bridal pink rose is perhaps one of the most recognizable and popular types of flower. The grandeur of this flower has already inspired a great number of painters, artists and poets.

Like most flowers, every colour connotes a particular meaning. Giving someone a red rose represents a declaration of undying love. A pink rose means admiration or infatuation. On the other hand, a white rose would mean purity and innocence. Can’t find the right words to express how you really feel inside? Why not take your pick from the flowers in this list and make your loved one’s day extra special?

Flowers are such a sweet expression of emotions that make a great gift idea for just about any occasion and you can easily order flowers online from a number of sites, so do shop around online.

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