Ten Amazing Facts About Ireland You Might Not Know

Ten Amazing Facts About Ireland You Might Not Know

Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle, is a country full of natural beauty and remarkable contributions to the world. From famous actors to innovative inventions, Ireland has left its mark on the global stage and it is well worth a day trip to Ireland, or a much longer stay. Let’s take a closer look at some of the gems of Ireland with some amazing facts thrown in for good measure…

Fame of the Irish

Ireland has given birth to some of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Among them are Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, Evanna Lynch, Bono, and iconic novelists such as Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift. The country has also produced notable figures in sports and media, including Michael Gambon, Conor McGregor, Sheamus and Becky Lynch, and YouTube’s gaming heartthrob Jacksepticeye.

Irish Inventions

Ireland has contributed a lot to the field of science and technology. Robert Boyle, an Irish scientist, is known for his contribution to chemistry through Boyle’s Law, which explains how gas pressure and volume relate to each other. Ireland is also known for its early colour photography, the first U.S. and Royal Navy submarines, and Samuel O’Reilly’s modification of Thomas Edison’s electric pen into a tattoo needle. Additionally, the country has a significant impact on the alcohol industry with the invention of whisky and the popularity of Guinness.

Irish Cuisine

When it comes to food, Ireland has a lot to offer besides corned beef and cabbage. Traditional Irish cuisine includes Irish soda bread, dulse, blaa, potato farls, crubeens, black pudding, skirts and kidneys, boxty, and coddle. For those with a sweet tooth, Irish whiskey or coffee cake, apple amber, or carrageen pudding are delightful treats.

Ten Amazing Facts About Ireland You Might Not Know

Tourist Attractions of Ireland

Ireland is a country with vast greenery and natural beauty. Its most notable landmarks include the Blarney Stone, located in Blarney Castle, the River Shannon, Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, dozens of castles, and the home of the Guinness Storehouse. The Blarney Stone is a popular tourist destination as kissing it is believed to bestow the gift of gab and eloquence.

Ireland Wildlife

Ireland’s sustainable ecosystem is home to a variety of unique creatures, including the harbour porpoise, grey seal, red fox, peregrine falcon, red deer, basking shark, bottlenosed dolphin, brown long-eared bat, and Leisler’s bat. For those who are afraid of spiders, the zebra, wolf, and raft spiders are common in the country. Interestingly, Ireland is one of the few places in the world without snakes in the wild.

Irish Folklore

Ireland has a rich tradition of folklore and myth, including the leprechaun, a mythical creature often depicted as a shoemaker. In Irish mythology, leprechauns were believed to be cobblers and not gold-wielding dancing fairies, though legend says they do guard ancient treasures. Another fascinating Irish myth is the Festival of Samhain, a Gaelic festival that celebrated the end of the harvest season and is believed to have influenced the origin of Halloween.

Tailteann Games

Ireland has also left its mark on sports. The Tailteann Games were ancient games held in Ireland in honour of the goddess Tailtiu. The games included various athletic competitions, such as running, jumping, wrestling, and chariot racing. They were an important cultural and sporting event in Ireland and are believed to have influenced the modern Olympic Games.


Ireland is a country with a rich history of innovation, with many notable inventions originating from the Emerald Isle. While most people associate Ireland with its famous whiskey and Guinness beer, the country has made significant contributions to other industries as well. One such contribution is Boyle’s Law, which was discovered by Irish scientist Robert Boyle and still holds true today. Additionally, Samuel O’Reilly’s modification of Thomas Edison’s electric pen into a tattoo needle has revolutionized the tattoo industry. Other great inventions from Ireland include the Brennan torpedo, early colour photography, and the first US and Royal Navy submarines.

Ten Amazing Facts About Ireland You Might Not Know

Tourist Attractions

Ireland is a country of endless beauty and wonder, and its tourist attractions are no exception. While its stunning green fields are certainly worth the visit, there are countless other treasures to explore. One of the most well-known landmarks is the Blarney Stone, a limestone block embedded in the Blarney Castle’s tower in Blarney, Ireland. Kissing the stone is said to impart the “gift of gab,” giving one the ability to flatter and speak eloquently without impediment. But Ireland offers much more than just a rock to smooch, including the picturesque River Shannon, the breathtaking Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, an abundance of castles, and of course, the home of the Guinness Storehouse. Whether you’re a history buff, a beer aficionado, or simply seeking stunning scenery, Ireland’s tourist attractions have something to offer for everyone.

Irish cuisine

Irish cuisine is far more diverse and interesting than the stereotypical corned beef and cabbage dish that many associates with the country. In fact, the origins of this dish can be traced back to New York City’s Jewish community, who introduced it to the Irish working class. Instead, consider trying some more authentic Irish dishes such as potato farls, boxty, or coddle. For those with a more adventurous palate, there’s black pudding, skirts and kidneys, or crubeens. And for dessert, Irish coffee cake or a carrageen pudding are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. So this St. Patrick’s Day, step outside of your comfort zone and explore the delicious and varied cuisine that Ireland has to offer.

Ireland has a lot to offer the world. Its natural beauty, famous people, inventions, cuisine, folklore, and sports all make Ireland a remarkable country. Whether you go for a day trip, or stay for longer do let us know what you enjoyed about Ireland in the comments below.

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