Ten Codes Of Ethics That Guide Cow Boys Explained

Ten Codes Of Ethics That Guide Cow Boys Explained

Was the wild west really that wild? Well, if the cowmen’s code is anything to go by, then your answer will be very different from what you know from history books. The cowmen didn’t drive fancy cars to the office and wear designer clothes but the rules they lived by are still the guiding light of America today. There are still millions of people that admire the lives of cowboys. While many love them because of fancy hats, boots and jeans, the real thrill in being a cowboy was being able to live by the code and when you look at it, you can understand why being a cowboy was such a great choice and probably still is today.

Live each day with courage

You still need the courage to live your life today but cowboys needed it a lot more; or shall we say they needed a different kind of courage. A cowboy would have to be ready to deal with wolves, bears, cougars and rattlesnakes and none of these animals cares much about the difference between horse, man and cattle. The world is still hostile even if you are not a cowman today so having some courage to face your day may help you defeat your own bears.

Take pride in your work

Being a cowboy was less about the pay and more about survival. The wild west didn’t have that many opportunities and while being a cowboy wasn’t the least of careers, it wasn’t the most lucrative. The cowboy’s job had more cleaning, scrubbing, repairing and stitching than riding on horses in fancy clothes. You had to love what you did first before getting to enjoy it. This code is still the best guiding principle for success in anything you want in life. You just have to be proud of your work.

Always finish what you start

Procrastinating was always considered the cowman’s greatest undoing. Once you start doing something like a cowboy, leaving it unfinished would most likely mean that that is a day’s work lost. There wasn’t that many hands o do the work and not that much spare time either.

Do what has to be done

Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do regardless of how you or sometimes those around you feel. The cowboy’s job wasn’t the pleasing type. It is messy and sometimes bloody. If you were forced to kill 50 cattle to save the herd, you would have to do it. By what has to be done, the cowboys believed that you should always do the right thing in the circumstance and that could be difficult sometimes.

Be tough, but fair

The cowboy code stated that the cowboy must never shoot first or take unfair advantage. The cowboy could go into a fight but he wasn’t supposed to hit a smaller man either. So, while you had to be really tough to make it as a cowboy, you still had to be fair and ensure you only fought for what you earned.

Ten Codes Of Ethics That Guide Cow Boys Explained

When you make a promise, keep it

Many people miss the good old days when a man’s word was actually their bond. Many cowboys broke state and government rules and didn’t care much about the law but they all respected the code. Keeping your word was definitely one of the most important parts of the cowboy’s code. If you keep your word, people love and respect you and your principles and that is good if you wanna make it in life.

Ride for the brand

Choosing your ranch when you are a cowboy meant more than just a job. It meant that you had chosen your brand and you had to be loyal to it no matter what. Your ranch was officially your second family and you had to be loyal to it. You had to choose a workplace you loved and enjoyed working at and that advice should work great for anyone that chooses an organization to work for in the modern-day. You have to choose an organization you can identify with and be loyal to the brand as long as you are there.

Talk less and say more

Word of mouth is never the cowboy’s greatest suit which is why talking less and getting more work done will help you go far. By saying more, this rule requires the cowboy to be influential and contribute to what matters rather than just talking about it.

Remember that some things aren’t for sale

There are lots of things you can’t buy in this world and a cowboy’s loyalty was believed to be one of them. Earning your place comes with more respect than buying yourself into it. As a cowboy, you didn’t have to be rich to be respected, you were just honoured and respected for your character and principles.

Know where to draw the line

You know by now that a cowboy’s life was no ride in the park. Fights were common and if you were proved to be a weakling, you would be trampled upon by the wild west. You had to earn your respect by living by some rules and knowing when to stand your ground and stick to your principles.

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