Ten of The Most Disappointing Moments In Money Heist

Ten of The Most Disappointing Moments In Money Heist

La Casa De Papel finally came to an end with each surviving member of the gang smiling bringing relief to fans who thought everyone would end up dead or in prison. It was difficult to predict a happy ending for the show which seemed to expose the main characters to more peril with every unfolding scene. The show was full of intense moments from the very beginning when Tokyo met the professor and pointed a gun at him ready to fight. In spite of the happy ending, there were lots of disappointments in the five seasons of the show and these 10 are the ones every fan would like to forget.

Tokyo’s Death

Tokyo wasn’t just the narrator of Money Heist; She was also the life of the show with many parts of the entire show depending on her. It was a miracle that she survived long enough to be picked up by El Professor in the first place but after the promises the Professor gave to her, it would have been fair to at least keep her alive until the end of the show. She had a strong intent to stay alive which is why she refused to go down even after her boyfriend was killed. It was so disappointing that she had to die at the hands of the very man who had killed Nairobi. His death was essentially the end of half of Money Heist.

Arturo’s Sexual Assault

Arturo was many things but a hero was definitely not one of them. Everyone hoped that a good Samaritan would shoot him after he sexually assaulted a hostage after convincing her to take some pills. It was the worst of his many evil deeds and it proved that he didn’t respect women and definitely took advantage of Monica Gaztambide. No one killed him after his evil act allowing him to incite another hostage revolt that got many hostages injured and nearly got the gang killed. He was just a nuisance that the show didn’t seem to know how to get rid of.

Palermo Heartbreaking Helsinki

Helsinki was one of the most lovable characters in the show; Always keeping to himself and making everyone laugh whenever he could. Nairobi definitely fell in love with him too. Nairobi’s feelings for Helsinki were misplaced because of his sexuality though. Helsinki went ahead to invest his love in Palermo whose image fits in the same description as heartbreaks and disappointment. He abused Helsinki emotionally and demeaned him so badly that the rest of the gang got angry with him.

Rafael And Tatiana Stealing the Gold

After losing two key members of the gang to get 90 tons of gold out of the Bank of Spain, the last thing you would expect is for the smartest thief in the world to lose it to a scammer. Rafael and Tatiana were no good at stealing without Berlin’s help. Considering the pain they caused for Berlin, it didn’t make any sense for them to benefit from the second heist either. However, after everyone did the hard work of smelting and pumping the gold out of the Bank of Spain, the two just tricked the professor and took all the gold. It was the most disappointing thing in the last part of the series.

Ten of The Most Disappointing Moments In Money Heist

Sierra Finding The Professor

When Professor was caught the first time, he nearly got Raquel killed. You would expect him to secure his position better after that horrific encounter but it seems he didn’t care that much about his own security. Sierra managed to track and kidnap him with so much ease and it was disappointing. El Professor ended up helping her deliver her baby and also get her freedom in the end, but it was still sloppy of him.

Gandia Leaving The Bank Of Spain Alive

Everyone screamed and shouted when Gandia killed Nairobi but the characters didn’t seem to mourn her death as much as the fans did. When El Professor thought that the police had executed Lisbon, he declared war on the government. When Gandia killed Nairobi, no one seemed angry enough to want revenge except Tokyo. It was so disappointing when Lisbon decided to release him from the bank while alive and strong enough to come back and finish what he had started. There was definitely no benefit for the crew after Gandia was allowed to live.

Rio Getting Arrested

After getting the opportunity to print money and run away with it, the least you can do is find an island and keep yourself safe and that is what Rio and Tokyo had done. It is not clear why Tokyo was so dissatisfied that she had to leave but that move put everyone in danger. Rio was willing to fight but he didn’t stand a chance against the soldiers that raided the island. His arrest was the beginning of the chain of events that led to Nairobi and later Tokyo’s death.

Lisbon’s Purposed Execution

It didn’t happen but when everyone including El Professor thought it had happened, they were devastated. When she was still inspector Raquel Murillo, Lisbon was a lovable character. Her romantic spree with El Professor was also thrilling and the gang came to love her despite their doubts about her loyalty. That bullet caused El Professor to realize that his plans were not a child’s play and that people would end up dead.

Ten of The Most Disappointing Moments In Money Heist

Nairobi’s Death

Now this one really hurt. Nairobi screaming at the poor hostages to keep machines running in the Royal Mint was supposed to be cruel but it was actually nice. The same goes for her perfect management of the gold smelting operation in the early stages of the second heist. Even if everyone in the gang had died, Nairobi was the one that really deserved to live. After introducing the fans to her son, Nairobi was shot but survived only to die at the hands of Gandia’s cold-heartedness. Most fans never recovered from the disappointment of her death which was by far the saddest scene in the show.

Moscow’s Death

Denver was not the most likeable of characters in Money Heist from the beginning but his relationship with his father was great. Moscow always found a way of getting sense into everyone in the gang making him the father figure. He was willing to do anything to keep his son alive and his death was the first big sacrifice in Money Heist. He remains a legend despite dying so early in the show.

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