Ten Tricks on How to Decorate Your Small Space

You don’t have much to work with regarding small spaces, and they can be hard to decorate with any pizzazz and style, right? Well…maybe that is not the case at all! People tend to think you cannot work a lot with small spaces, mainly because they are small. However, there is a lot you can do, and you have a lot to work with, especially when talking about how to decorate your small space.

Everything is important and should be considered if you want to make the most out of your small space. Here you will find ten tricks on decorating your small space to make it look larger and take advantage of all your small apartment has to offer.

Light Palette

1. Light Palette

Choosing a light colour palette will make your space look more open and larger. You can choose from white, ivory, eggshell, or any other softer and lighter shades to make your apartment or room appear wider and more welcoming.

Multi-purpose furniture

2. Multi-purpose furniture

Given that you do not have a lot of space to work with, the main thing you need to consider is functionality. You cannot probably afford the luxury of getting a lot of pieces of furniture, so choose wisely and think functionally. A great example of multi-purpose furniture suitable for small spaces is this desk & bed, all in one.

Make every part enjoyable

3. Make every part enjoyable

Just because in your old room, apartment or house you thought that the kitchen area was for kitchen stuff while the living room was for reading and the bedroom was for sleeping, forget about all that. Make every part of your small space enjoyable and use as much space as possible, even if you did not think of it at first. For example, place a vintage lamp on your kitchen cupboard.

Creative storage

4. Creative storage

Embrace open storage and do not give in to the idea of clustering many things in the corner of your room or inside a drawer. Try keeping everything organized; that way, even if you have a lot of stuff in a small space, the place will still look great.

Bring a touch of you

5. Bring a touch of you

If you have a small space, then you do not have a lot of things to put your fingerprint on so take advantage of everything you have. Use stickers to brighten up your kitchen appliances or walls.

Use mirrors

6. Use mirrors

Mirrors create an effect of open space, so by placing mirrors in strategic places around your apartment or room, you can make the space look bigger. However, you still need to think about functionality, so do not place a mirror facing your window because then you will not be able to take advantage of the natural light.

Find a focal point

7. Find a focal point

Choose a wall and an object like the TV or your bed as a focal point. Try setting pieces of artwork on the wall, framing your focal object and creating a dedicated corner. This way, when someone enters the room, their eyes will be immediately attracted by your focal point rather than the small space.

Glass furniture

8. Glass furniture

See-through furniture is another great way to make your dining place appear larger, as people associate transparency with the idea of freedom and open space. Some great examples of see-through furniture can be found here.

Divide the space

9. Divide the space

If you only have one or two rooms, you will probably have to divide the space to make it more functional. Try placing a sofa in the middle of the room while the TV is placed facing it. Behind the sofa, set up a dining area. This way, the sofa will be a breaking point which will not cause eye soreness.

Fill up the space

10. Fill up the space

One of the advantages of having a small space to work with is the fact that you can fill it up without making your room feel extremely crowded. Use colourful curtains for your bedroom, fill up your walls with different artwork or pictures and use flowers, flower pots and even colourful carpet or floor designs to make everything appear organized and in control.

What other ideas do you have on how to decorate small spaces? How can you make the most out of your small space? Do let us know your thoughts, styles and tips in the comments below.

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