Ten Ways to be More Contented With Your Life

Ten Ways to be More Contented With Your Life

Contentment is bliss, they say; but it is easier said than done! Every now and then we hear lessons that teach the art of being contented but we generally fail to pass when we put ourselves to test. For sure it is difficult to achieve, but not at all impossible. Gradually, if one tries hard enough, one will achieve it, for it comes from within. They say you do not have to search for contentment in the outside world; it lies within you, so these ten tips should help make your life pretty contented…

Stop Comparing

Expectation sets in when you compare. You are unique and unlike any other person in the world. If you compare yourself with anyone else, you would do nothing but disturb yourself. The day you stop comparing, you are on your way to contentment.

Have an ‘Abundance’ Mentality

Having a mentality that everyone should get in abundance would help you be more contented in life. If you think that your loss is someone else’s gain or vice versa, you’ll never be able to find peace in your mind. Your mind will be the house of worry and stress.

Polish Your Sense of Humour

Contentment comes when you start taking things lightly and in a positive way. Every person has a sense of humour, just the degree is different. All you need to do is refine your sense of humour; this would make you feel more contented.

Love Yourself

You can’t love anyone else until you love yourself. Loving yourself develops a sense of contentment and satisfaction in your life. Be clear about yourself. Know your values and abide by them.

Ten Ways to be More Contented With Your Life

Lower the Bar

You cannot have everything in the world – the sooner you understand this, the better it would be. To be more contented in life, you’ll need to lower your ‘I want this’ bar. Better understand your limits and be satisfied with what you already have.

Simplify Your Life

The simpler the life, the more contented you’ll be. Start to live in present and know your limit. The moment you try to cross your limits, you’ll be more stretched to do something that you are not comfortable with. At this very point, you’ll start expecting and comparing; it won’t lead you anywhere. Do not show off, do not expect anything from anyone and stop worrying what others think of you. Living a simpler life would fill you with satisfaction and contentment.

Befriend Failure

Understand that you might not be able to achieve success in the first go. Failure is the path to success – the sooner you realize it, the better it would be. Failure lets you improve your mistakes and avoid them in future. Do not be hesitant if you fail once; befriend it instead. You won’t feel down and distressed ever!

Devote Time to Yourself

You are the only one who can help you. Everyone else in the world is there for himself/herself. Take time to understand things; give yourself ample time and do your own tasks. Do things that tend to make you happy; you’ll surely find contentment.

Life is Made of Little Things

In a drive to get all the worldly things, we forget that the things that are more precious are absolutely free – relationships, happiness, smile, etc. In a drive to make life comfortable, we tend to forget that life is more about appreciating little things in life and not accumulating material. Start appreciating little things; start enjoying the rain, rainbows, nature, coos and babbles, and you’ll surely find an altogether different meaning of life!

Choose to be Happy

Happiness is actually a choice. If you don’t choose it, you’ll be sad. There is nothing much to explain this. Choose to be happy, and you’ll be contented with the things around (and inside) you.

Contentment is really a blissful feeling; one can’t understand it unless one has it!

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