Ten Reasons to Choose Smaller Cruise Ships Over Larger Ones

Ten Reasons to Choose Smaller Cruise Ships Over Larger Ones


If you are looking for a relaxing and affordable cruise experience, then you might want to consider choosing a smaller cruise ship. Smaller ships, which typically have under 2,000 passengers, can offer a range of advantages over larger ones. Here are ten reasons why you might prefer a smaller cruise ship over a larger one…


One of the most obvious advantages of smaller cruise ships is that they are often more affordable. These ships don’t have as many bells and whistles, and they have fewer things to maintain. As a result, they can sell their cruises and cabins at a lower price.

Less Crowded

A smaller ship with 1,500 passengers is going to feel a lot less crowded than a ship holding 6,500 people. While larger ships do a good job of spreading people around, you will find a lot more open space and privacy on a smaller ship.

Better Service

Another benefit of smaller cruise ships is that you are likely to receive better service. Since the staff doesn’t have to deal with as many people all at once, they can offer more personalized attention. This can help you develop a rapport with the service staff and enjoy a more intimate experience.

Opportunity to Make Friends

It’s also easier to meet people and make friends on a smaller ship. Since you see the same people more often, it’s easier to strike up conversations and find common interests. You can make longtime friends and enjoy activities together on board and on shore.

Ten Reasons to Choose Smaller Cruise Ships Over Larger Ones

Less Time

On larger ships, it can take up to 50 minutes to get from one location to another. However, on a smaller ship, it’s much quicker to get around. You’ll have less walking to do, fewer lineups for elevators, and a better chance of finding your way around.

Access to Unique Ports

A smaller cruise ship can access ports that larger ships can’t. They can dock in places that larger ships have to tender in, and they can sail into ports that aren’t deep enough for larger ships. This can give you access to unique itineraries and destinations that you might not have experienced otherwise.

More Relaxed Atmosphere

A smaller ship offers a more relaxed cruise experience. You’re not on the go as much as you are on larger ships, which tend to have more activities and entertainment options. On a smaller ship, it’s more about the destination and the atmosphere on board.

Larger Staterooms

While most new ships being built nowadays tend to hold over 4,000 passengers, smaller ships offer more spacious staterooms. When you board a ship that holds only about 1,500 people, you’re more likely to enjoy larger and more comfortable staterooms.

Ten Reasons to Choose Smaller Cruise Ships Over Larger Ones

More Intimate Setting

Since a smaller ship has fewer passengers, you can enjoy a more intimate and personalized experience. You’ll get to know the crew and other passengers better, and you can relax and enjoy your cruise without feeling like you’re just one of many.

Easier to Navigate

Finally, a smaller cruise ship is much easier to navigate than a larger one. You’re less likely to get lost, and you’ll be able to find your way around more quickly. This can help you relax and enjoy your cruise without worrying about getting lost or missing out on anything.

While larger cruise ships can offer a lot of amenities and entertainment options, smaller ships can offer a more relaxed, personalized, and affordable experience. If you’re looking for a unique and intimate cruising experience, then a smaller ship might be the perfect choice for you. Have you been on one yourself, or did this article persuade you to give a smaller cruise ship a go? Do let us know in the comments below.

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