Ten Bizarre Uses of Sugar You Won’t Belive Are True

Ten Bizarre Uses of Sugar You Won't Belive Are True

From ancient times in the land of the Chinese to the most loved chocolate factory of the famous Willy Wonka, sugar has made it thus far with the most interesting life! Now one of the globe’s most used staples, it has made its unique mark worldwide. From cupcakes to coffee, puddings, to special culinary dishes, people from about the globe use sugar more than once every single day! However, what we don’t know is that sugar does have a number of uses that do not involve food or beverages. Health, laundry, gardening, beauty etc, here we have the top ten most bizarre uses of sugar…

Extend the life of your favourite lipstick

10. Extend the life of your favourite lipstick

Women all around the world use lipstick as one of their top fashion accessories. But sometimes this wears off when worn throughout the day and it leaves women with the hassle of having to apply and re-apply just to keep their lips looking luscious and glossy all day long. Now with the help of sugar, you no longer have to worry. After applying the colour of your choice just sprinkle sugar on the top and let it sit for a minute after which you can just lick it off. This helps extend the life of the lipstick you use and you no longer have to worry about reapplying.

9. Homemade scrub for the body

Sugar crystals come in different forms, coarse as well as fine but in this case the not-so-fine would do the job. These crystals make a wonderful exfoliating item used in body scrubs. With just a few spoons of slightly coarse sugar crystals along with some ingredients, you can make your very own scrub at home. All you will need is sugar and oil. You can use any oils like olive, almond, canola or jojoba. Mix the two together to create a paste, rub on your skin during a shower and just wash off. The results are great and your skin is exfoliated, fresh and smooth! You might like; 10 Homemade scrubs to get rid of unwanted facial hairs.

Helps nourish your plants and flowers

8. Helps nourish your plants and flowers

We all love fresh flowers in our homes. However with the short life span when cut and brought into the house, some of them tend to shift to artificial flowers just so they last longer. But when it comes to the great staple, your flowers last longer and are well nourished. With just three spoons of sugar and two spoons of vinegar per quarter of a cup of water, freshly cut flowers stay fresh longer than they would. The sugar helps to feed the stems of the plant and the vinegar stops bacteria from growing. In this way, you can keep your favourite plants on your dining table for more than just a day.

Get rid of pesky worms in your garden

7. Get rid of pesky worms in your garden

Does your garden have pest problems? Some of us have beautiful gardens in our back yard and we tend to fall prey to the unwanted microscopic annoying parasites that tangle the roots of our plants. There is an easy way to get rid of these nematodes naturally. For over 250 square feet of your garden, use 2.25 kilograms of sugar. It will help feed these organisms which will help increase the organic matter, making it an unfriendly environment for these pesky pests.

6. A homemade trap for wasps

Do you have wasp issues at home? Are you attacked by wasps in your area? Wasp bites are very harmful and can cause infections and can be extremely painful as well. There are many people who suffer from these insects flying around causing harmful effects by their bites. Well, it’s very simple, just get rid of them and the best way to do it is by making a syrup with just sugar and water. Boil them both together, put it in a jar and place it on your window sill to attract and trap wasps. You can then dispose of them when and if you wish to.

5. Used as a cockroach exterminator

I am sure most families around the world have cockroach problems. Whether it is in the garbage, in the attic or in the basement, the flying ones and the creepy crawlies are just too annoying. But with the help of sugar and baking powder, you can get rid of them easily. All you have to do is mix equal portions of sugar and baking powder and sprinkle it over the places that are infested. Sugar attracts them and the baking powder kills them. With the help of this easy method, you can now keep your home safe and healthy from these horrible pests and you don’t need expensive pest-controlling methods!

4. Clean your food processors and grinding machines

Every household has a grinding machine or a food processor in their kitchen. And when we use them, it is not very easy to clean, especially if it’s spices or coffee that is ground. They excrete oils that are very strong in flavour. However, sugar can help remove the smell as well as clean the grinder. All you have to do is grind half a cup of sugar for a few minutes, dump it and then rinse under water or clean with the help of a sponge or damp cloth!

3. Helps keep bakery items fresh

Don’t we all love cupcakes, cakes and cookies? Yes, we do. What better than to be able to store them in containers for later without having the worry of them getting spoiled. Throwing them away is definitely heartbreaking. But with the help of just a few sugar cubes, cupcakes and cookies can be kept in airtight containers, fresh. The sugar cubes keep the items fresh for a longer period of time. You can now eat your cupcakes fresh for over two or three days and eat them just like you bought them today.

Get rid of grass stains

2. Get rid of grass stains

Sat down in your garden just after watering the grass? Played with your kids in the grass in your favourite jeans? Are they grass-stained? Well not to worry any longer, these stains can be easily removed and all you need is sugar! Make a smooth paste with just some sugar and lukewarm water and apply directly onto the stained clothes. Let this mixture lie in the clothes for at least an hour minimum, if the stains are darker then keep it for a longer period and just wash it off as you would usually do. Goodbye to the stains!

1. Stop the ageing of cheese

Cheese is already stored and preserved, aged and kept for a long period of time just to get that special flavour and their different qualities. As we all know how cheese is generally made, some people do not like storing it further as they do not wish for it to mould mainly because of the change in flavour and taste. But with the help of just some sugar cubes, this can be prevented easily. All you need to do is store cheese with some cubes of sugar and the moulding process is stopped, in this way cheese can be kept longer and just the way they are when you bought them.

Do you know of any other amazing uses of sugar? If you do why not let us know in the comments below. 

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