Ten Bizarre Patron Saints You Didn’t Know About

Ten Bizarre Patron Saints You Didn’t Know About

It is good to have someone watching over you your whole life which is why many parents name their children after certain saints. There are saints that you can pray to when you are sick when dealing with tough financial situations or even when you are about to make serious decisions in life such as marriage. Not all patron saints are famous like Santa though. Sometimes people name saints for themselves that churches may not necessarily approve of and even some of the patron saints named by churches watch over some things you may find disturbing if not interesting. Here are ten of the strangest saints you should know about.

Santa Muerte: The Patron Saint Of Holy Death

Off to Mexico where one of the most widely prayed to saints isn’t known to the catholic church. Well, the church knows her alright, they just don’t think she should have been a saint over anything. According to the cult of Santa Muerte which began in Mexico in the mid-90s, this saint is able to protect you from evil intent, heal you when you are sick and deliver you safely to the afterlife when you die. It started as a male figure but now she is depicted as a woman with a skeletal structure often dressed in robes and armed with a scythe and a globe. Both the catholic and protestant churches have dismissed the saint despite her popularity in the Americas.

St. Joseph: Patron Saint Of House Sellers

Jesus’ stepdad was a carpenter who probably repaired houses too but that is for another day! No religious organization will advise you to pray to old joseph before you sell your house but the church won’t stop you from doing it either. Religious real estate agents will tell you that burying the statue of St. Joseph in the backyard will help you make a quick sale. Well, you might wanna check the backyard of the next house you buy to be sure the seller didn’t pull one on you.

St. Jesus Malverde: Patron Saint Of Drug Dealers

St. Jesus Malverde: Patron Saint Of Drug Dealers

No! this saint is not related to Pablo Escobar. He is just some drug dealer who was killed by law enforcement in 1909 in Mexico but became famous because he was allegedly so difficult to kill with bullets that law enforcement resorted to hanging him. He is not officially recognized by the catholic church or any other religious organization for that matter but he is very popular in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico. He even has a shrine in Culiacan where followers go to pray. The DEA should probably build an office nest to that shrine.

St. Cyprian Of Antioch: Patron Saint Of Sorcerers

Okay, the church is not the greatest friend of sorcerers so if you enjoy trying out spells, you might want to call on this guy for some help. He is one of the famous catholic priests and bishops that were beheaded by the Roman Emperor Diocletian for their faith. Before he became a man of the cloth, Cyprian was an oculist that could command demons to do dark works for him including rape. He once sent minions to rape S. Justina but she allegedly repelled his demons using the sign of the cross which forced the sorcerer to change his ways and the rapist and the victim became friends and were beheaded together.

St. Edward The Confessor: Patron Saint Of Difficult Marriages

This was the king of England who broke his own vows of chastity and married his wife Editha because of what the crown later called pressure from the people. Whatever his reason for breaking his vows, the marriage didn’t last long and he spent the rest of his days as a celibate. He is now regarded as one of the greatest kings in English history but he can take his time and pray for your difficult marriage if you allow him.

St. Denis: Patron Saint Of Headaches

St. Denis: Patron Saint Of Headaches

Denis was the first bishop of Paris and also a victim of the cruelty of another Roman Emperor called Decius. Decius was a big fan of beheading just like Diocletian and not a big fan of Christians. It is not clear whether Denis had frequent headaches, but what we know is that Decius chopped off his head and dumped it in the river. Funny enough, his headless body allegedly picked up his severed head after he was executed.

St. Lydwina: Patron Saint Of Ice Skaters

Yes, ice skaters have a sweet lady watching over them, which would explain why it is one of the safest sports; Or not, no one knows. There isn’t much to say about Lydwina except for the fact that she was a sweet girl from a poor family in the Netherlands who enjoyed ice skating back in the 14th century. She was also a church loving girl and when she was injured while ice skating and couldn’t skate anymore, she went to a life of prayer. She suffered from gangrene which caused her lots of pain until her death.

St. Isidore Of Seville: Patron Saint Of The Internet

Can’t find something on Google? Why not make a short prayer to Isidore and search again? Isidore was born in 560 in Spain and had lots of trouble grasping things in class until he prayed and God helped him become the best student in his class. He managed to pass his exams and become a doctor and also a bishop. He became one of the earliest writers to write a dictionary and an encyclopedia. The church hasn’t exactly named him the saint of the internet yet but he already has many followers and prayers pointing to that fact.

St. Anthony Of Padua: Patron Saint Of Lost Things

St. Anthony Of Padua: Patron Saint Of Lost Things

This is one of the most popular saints in the catholic church as well as other Orthodox religions. He is known as the patron saint of the lost and lost things so if you can’t find your wedding ring or car keys, you may want to call on Anthony to help you look around.

St. Apollonia: Patron Saint Of Toothaches

Toothaches can give you sleepless nights if you don’t get to a dentists soon enough which is why praying to Apollonia might help because she is the patron saint of both toothaches and dentists. She was an elderly Christian woman who lived in Alexandria, Egypt back in the 3rd century AD when the persecution of Christians started. She was attacked by a mob that knocked out all of her teeth. They then threatened to throw her into the fire if she didn’t deny her faith. Apollonia, with no teeth left and in a lot of pain, jumped into the fire of her own will.

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