Ten of the Best River Cruises in the World

Ten of the Best River Cruises in the World

Are you planning on booking a river cruise online this year? If you are you might want to check out this list of ten of the very best cruises from around the world. There is something here for everyone, from beach loungers to snow seekers, this really is ten cruises that everyone should try and go on at least once…

The Yangtze

The Yangtze is known as the Yangtze River, throughout the landscape amplifies archaeological sites such as Fengdu, Shibaozhai with the famous temple, the red twelve-story Pagoda, the impressive Three Gorges area of ​​rock formations overlooking the river or even Gorge Wu, Qutang and Xilinx. Asians call the rivers various colours: Yangtze is Yangtze, Hwang Ho is Yellow River, Yuan is Red River

The Rhine

It begins with cruises on the Rhine through the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland between rocky cliffs topped by magnificent castles. Many poets, painters and musicians have made their tribute to the romantic Rhine Ring of the Nibelungen and the Epic Movie, or the legend of Loreley, as well as some other knightly legends The Rhine has a real myth.

The Danube

If you have time, you should not miss a cruise on the Danube to the Black Sea to Budapest via Bratislava, Vienna, Mléko, Passau, You know what? The most famous waltz “Blue Danube” Johann Strauss Jr.?

Ten of the Best River Cruises in the World

The Volga

Cruise on the Volga between Moscow and St. Petersburg: rivers, canals and lakes that feed from the most beautiful places in Russia in terms of nature and architecture.


Cruise on the Rhone wine and food tasting of French wines as well in Burgundy and Provence. “Starry Night over the Rhone” is a famous painting by van Gogh.

Douro river

You can visit the Douro river cruise in the north of Portugal, River cruise. A route with a variety of green landscapes and trips to explore the Douro River area and enjoy a relaxing holiday with rhythms. One of the twelve Labors of Hercules was to clean the duties in one day of dirt accumulated over thirty years in the stables of Augeas, King (region of Peloponnese): the hero succeeded in transporting the water of the Alpheus and Peneus rivers

Irrawaddy River

Cruising on the Irrawaddy River (Ayeyarwaddy). It is difficult to describe the magic of this pilgrimage of Buddhist temples, pagodas and the way of life in Burma.
For many years, the only place you could cross the Irrawaddy River bridge was Ava.


Cruise along the Mekong legendary series of connections between Laos, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Naga fireballs are fireballs on the Mekong that rise from the depths of the river and reach the sky. This is what you can see in Wan Awk Pansa, a Festival held in October in Thailand and Laos, during which thousands of spectators flock to watch the ball of fire that, according to local mythology, should bring Nagas, aquatic animals, a supernatural form of a snake.

Ten of the Best River Cruises in the World

Elbe River

From Berlin to Prague on the Elbe River is one of the canals, admired the rich palaces of the Saxon Monarchy and majestic gardens, the baroque splendour of Dresden and see how it is made Meissen porcelain, follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther in the centre of Wittenberg. The ashes of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were scattered in the river Elbe.

Nile cruise

Last but not least is the Nile cruise, a river excursion bestseller, Thanks to the magnificent temples and tombs of ancient Egypt, and affordable.
The world’s longest river is the Nile with 6,671 km.

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