Ten Beauty Myths Explained and Busted Wide Open

There’s a lot of information and misinformation when it comes to beauty and it is often all too easy to believe the myth rather than try and do your own research on it. So today, we will highlight 10 common beauty myths in a bid to separate the truth from the lies and what we found out was a little bit of a shock…

Cucumbers Reduce Puffy Eyes

1. Cucumbers Reduce Puffy Eyes

This one is both true and false. The thing is, a cucumber can indeed help you reduce those puffy eyes but not because it has any special properties. The key factor that helps reduce puffy eyes is their cool and wet nature. In other words, just about anything in your fridge could work just as well.

2. A Little Toothpaste Can Help Clear A Pimple

Well, this is true but it has to be toothpaste and not gel. Toothpaste works by drying out oils which bring about pimples. That said, this isn’t a long-term solution and it’s important to note that it only dries out the pimple and doesn’t really have healing properties.

3. Cocoa Butter Can Help Eliminate Stretch Marks

While many anti-stretch mark creams have cocoa butter as an ingredient, it’s important that you know it’s really hard to eliminate stretch marks. Stretch marks appear with changes in weight and it’s always better to prevent them. Cocoa butter doesn’t work.

Split Ends Are Irreparable

4. Split Ends Are Irreparable

This is very true. The only solution to split ends is to trim them. They are basically dead hair and no amount of miracle pomade, olive or mayonnaise musk will revive your split ends. What you can do is prevent them all together.

5. Spot Reduction Is Possible

So your body is perfect and you only want to get rid of that flab? Well, it’s never going to happen. You cannot reduce just one part of your body but you can tone your body with special emphasis on the tummy, bosom or that six-pack area. The idea is to reduce your body fat as a whole.

Lemon Juice Can Act As A Bleacher

6. Lemon Juice Can Act As A Bleacher

Many people have talked about how lemon juice helped them get lighter skin tones and hair colour. Well, this is true. However, it can also excessively dry out your skin and hair. It also takes quite a long time to bleach yourself with lemon and may not work on very dark skin or hair.

7. Cold Water Makes Your Hair Shinier

Well, this is true but for all the wrong reasons. The only reason why you would have shiny hair after washing it with cold water is that it doesn’t remove oil build-up. Warm water helps remove oil buildup without necessarily drying out your hair.

8. Darker Skin Doesn’t Need Sunscreen

This is perhaps one of the silliest myths. While black skin isn’t as prone to sunburns as fair skin, it’s still susceptible to sunburns and needs SPF protection.

Nail Polish Stains The Nails

9. Nail Polish Stains The Nails

This is true. Nail polish has a pigment which could turn your nails yellow and the darker the nail polish the worse it is. Avoid this by applying a base coat.

10. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Longer

This is kind of false. Cutting or trimming your hair merely makes your hair appear fuller and healthier. Your hair growth is determined by your biological growth pattern.

Do you know any other beauty myths that you once thought were true? Did any of these shock you? Why not leave a comment down below and let us know.

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