Ten Aphrodisiacs That Are Proven To Work Wonders

Ten Aphrodisiacs That Are Proven To Work Wonders
Can your sex life use a little spicing up? Sex is an important activity a couple engages in. Without it, you and your partner won’t be able to explore each other more intimately. Sex isn’t just about carnal desire. It reflects how you define your relationship with your partner. It is about intimacy, emotional connection and expression. It can also be about procreating.

If sex is starting to look like simply reading a book or cooking a meal, you have a problem with your sex life. To spice it up, here are the top 10 aphrodisiacs that can help you increase sexual desire.

10. Herbs Do Wonders

There are various traditional herbs that have aphrodisiac properties. The top contenders are Maca, Tribulus and Yohimbe. You will see a combination of these herbs pulverized or encapsulated. Some vendors sell these herbs as “natural Viagra” because of their organic properties.

Some researchers tell you to stay away from these traditional herbs. If you take in too much Yohimbe, you may kill yourself, and this isn’t what you are looking for in an aphrodisiac. These so-called natural cures should be well-examined first before investing your trust in them. These substances need further research to prove their effects on people.

9. Don’t Let Sex Go Extinct Next to Rhinos

It’s depressing how our attempt to support the survival and life of our own species through ample copulation has run other species to the verge of extinction. Rhino horn considered an aphrodisiac by some, has no power when it comes to sexual intercourse, despite folklore indicating that it does.

Its use in Chinese medicine (no matter how illegal) for other ailments is called into question. The horns appear like an erect penis. In traditional medicine, grinding the horns and eating them will erect the penis. At best, rhino horns have nutrients like phosphorus, which gives us more energy.

8. The Power of Alcohol

The world’s false aphrodisiac maybe your favourite thing in the world: alcohol. Alcohol works as an aphrodisiac because it gives you the courage to loosen up. Your inhibitions are lowered and your level of irrationality is raised.

According to the director of the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery unit (Johns Hopkins Hospital located in Baltimore), alcoholic beverages may cause erectile dysfunction. Booze also affects blood flow through reactions in your veins and arteries. The testosterone levels are also affected, which, in turn, leads to the fueling of your libido. The trick here is to enjoy only a few drinks. If you drink too much and rely on alcohol to spice up your sex life, then you are about to face a bigger problem.

7. What is a Spanish Fly?

Have you ever heard of the Spanish Fly? A Spanish Fly is not from Spain. It is also not a fly. This deadly aphrodisiac is a blister beetle, native only to Europe. This beetle contains cantharidin, a blistering acid-like juice. Swelling and burning sensations are felt in the urinary tract if Spanish Fly is ingested and then excreted, which people misconstrue as sexual arousal.

A disadvantage of this aphrodisiac is that it is toxic. The women who have fallen victim to the Spanish Fly’s myth dissolve Spanish Fly powder in a drink and consume it like ordinary drinking water. If you buy Spanish Fly today, you will be given pepper or something similar that will give you heat.

6. Oysters Increase Your Desire

Foods can be aphrodisiacs. Popular aphrodisiacs are avocados, carrots, asparagus and bananas. Looking at these foods, you’ll notice that they all resemble the shape of a penis, making it easy to understand why they are considered aphrodisiacs. What, then, is the role of oysters in sex?

Although oysters do not resemble the penis, they resemble the female reproductive organ. The Romans considered oysters a prized aphrodisiac. Oysters are high in zinc. Zinc is necessary in the production of sperm. If you eat raw oysters, you get a sufficient supplement of N-methyl-D-aspartate and D-aspartic acid that help increase levels of testosterone. As the level of testosterone increases, the level of libido also rises.

5. Chocolate: As Good As Sex

Serotonin, phenylethylamine and chocolates: sound tasty? Chocolates contain these two chemicals that spice up your brain’s pleasure areas. The taste of chocolate makes you feel good, which makes eating this comfort food similar to having sexual intercourse. Although chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac, you shouldn’t rely on it forever. Eating it doesn’t necessarily mean that your sexual desire increases.

Ten Aphrodisiacs That Are Proven To Work Wonders

4. Stay Fit, Win a Sex Life

A penis becomes erect because blood flows into it. Without sufficient or proper blood flow, you can develop erectile dysfunction. What does this show? It means that diseases, especially those that affect blood flow, contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. Examples of these diseases are hypercholesterolemia, peripheral vascular disease, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

If you keep tolerating your sedentary behaviour, like watching TV for more hours than you should every day, then you get closer to erectile dysfunction. The aphrodisiac here is to get in shape and maintain a healthy diet. As you get healthier, your confidence increases, too. You can’t put a price on confidence when it comes to wowing the opposite sex.

3. Analyzing Psychology

What if your doctor tells you that you are sexually dysfunctional? You can shrug it off and move on with life, or you can spend your days wallowing in fatigue and depression. Some people who are confronted with this dilemma develop psychological disorders. If you need to have your libido enhanced, talk to a sex therapist.

If you don’t know any sex therapists, a counsellor or a psychiatrist will be as helpful as a therapist. When you talk to these people, you will find out that counselling is not an aphrodisiac. It is psychoanalysis that does the trick. Now, what can get sexier than a healthy, open mind?

2. The Popular Drug

Have you noticed that your spam email folder is filled with advertisements for Viagra? Viagra is the billion-dollar success story of Pfizer. Viagra, however, is not an “aphrodisiac” in every sense of the word because it only works if you are sexually stimulated.

Before Viagra was made, urologists failed in treating erectile dysfunction. Viagra increases blood flow to the male reproductive organ. It blocks the blood from draining from the penis to maintain the erection. There are side effects that come in a small percentage, but a lot of men agree that those effects are worth it.

1. The Priceless Love Tonic

No one ever predicted that a philosophical concept such as respect could become an aphrodisia; but yes, it really is. Sex doesn’t happen only through male ejaculation or vaginal penetration. It is also about understanding the needs of your partner and respecting what he or she wants.

Pleasing your partner can be done in many different ways. Explore and have fun; but, before you even begin, start with respect. This is the world’s most priceless and effective aphrodisiac and undeniably turn-on material at that.

Do you know of any other aphrodisiacs that have worked for you or someone you know? Why not tell us about them in the comments below.

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