Ten Weird and Amazing Facts About Dreams

Ten Weird and Amazing Facts About Dreams

We all have different types of dreams; sometimes weird, sometimes horrible and sometimes dreams, that leave us extremely puzzled. A dream is a very difficult-to-understand thing and a vast phenomenon that requires a lot of deep study to understand it. I was searching about dreams the other day and I came across some interesting facts about dreams. We have already learned some interesting facts about sleep, so today I have shortlisted ten of the best and most amazing facts about dreams…

We Fail to Remember 90% of our Dreams

We all have dreams and it is quite rare that we completely remember any dream. The moment we wake up, we start losing the memory of the vision we just had while sleeping. According to some researches, we tend to forget about half of the dream within 5 minutes of waking up. 90% of it is gone after 10 minutes.

Dreams Affect Everyone Differently:

Everybody dreams; however dreams differ from person to person. The reaction of an individual to a dream also differs for everyone. Men may have one type of dream while women have a totally different type. Men usually dream more about other men and women dream about men and other women, equally. Both genders experience dreams that have physical reactions related to sexuality; men have erections which causes an increased flow of vaginal fluids in women.

Dreams Are Not A Fabrication Of Our Brain

Dreams Are Not A Fabrication Of Our Brain

We all have dreams in which we see places, not known to us; people who are total strangers. Well! The amazing thing is that none of those places and/or people are fabricated; they are all real. We see millions of people in our life but we don’t know many of them. We forget some and when those faces appear in our dreams, they all leave us in a baffled state of mind. Anything or anyone you see, is recorded in your subconscious and we live in our conscious state. So our brains have an almost infinite supply of characters that are extracted from our subconscious and are made into dreams.

Not All Dreams Are Colourful

A strong percentage of people (12%) dream in black and white whereas the rest have fully colourful dreams. There are a few types of dreams that are common to almost everyone. They include car accidents, getting late for an exam, falling from a place too high, running on the spot, witnessing the death of a person who is presently alive and being chased by someone or something etc.

Dreams Are Twisted

Dreams Are Twisted

Dreams are a language of omens and whatever you see is not necessarily what it actually means. Our subconscious tries relating things to reality, using signs and examples. It is very rare that your dream actually is about what you see in it. Usually, dreams have a deeper interpretation.

Quitters Have Vibrant Dreams

The journal of Abnormal psychology states, “Among 293 smokers abstinent for between 1 and 4 weeks, 33% reported having at least 1 dream about smoking. In most dreams, subjects caught themselves smoking and felt strong negative emotions, such as panic and guilt. Dreams about smoking were the result of tobacco withdrawal, as 97% of subjects did not have them while smoking, and their occurrence was significantly related to the duration of abstinence. They were rated as more vivid than the usual dreams and were as common as most major tobacco withdrawal symptoms.”

Blind People Have Equally Vivid Dreams

It is strange and amazing too, but blind people have equally vivid dreams as the ones who are not blind. People who are blind by birth don’t see any depiction in their dreams but there are senses like touching, smell, sound and taste etc are completely involved. However, those who are not blind by birth but have lost their eyesight as a result of an accident or so, do see images and proper depictions in their dreams.

While Sleeping, You Are Half Dead

While Sleeping, You Are Half Dead

This may seem something “out-of-the-world” but it is a fact that you are technically ‘dead’ for half of the time you sleep. According to research, our soul enters and leaves our body thousands of times per second and this movement is free from the bounds of time and space. So, as I earlier said we are technically dead half of the time while we are sleeping.

What We Physically Feel Is Incorporated Into Our Dreams

We have this experience quite often that a physical feeling from the real world is incorporated into our dreams. The most common example is that sometimes when you are actually thirsty, you feel thirsty in your dream. Another more common example is when you have a horrible nightmare and wake up, you are actually sweating and/or shivering.

We Are Paralyzed While We Sleep

This is a hard-to-believe fact as you may think that we keep shifting our position while we sleep so how can we be paralysed?  Glands begin to secrete a hormone that helps induce sleep and neurons send signals to the spinal cord which cause the body to relax and later become essentially paralysed.

Do you know any other facts about dreams? Do you remember any weird dreams? If you do why not let us know in the comments below. 

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